7 Free Anger Management Worksheets

Updated August 18, 2022
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Whether you are looking for a way to help you manage your own feelings of anger or putting together information to use in a class or coaching session, targeted anger management worksheets can be very helpful. Used properly, anger management worksheets can play a role in helping you - or someone you are trying to help - learn how to effectively manage anger.

You can download, save, and print any or all of the free anger management worksheets below. Choose the worksheets that best meet your needs or save them all to use as needed. Simply click the image of a worksheet you want to save or print, then it will open in PDF format. If you need help downloading the worksheets, check out these helpful tips.

Worksheet 1: Identify Anger Triggers

Identifying factors that trigger feelings of anger is an important first step in learning how to manage anger. Use the worksheet to help pinpoint individual triggers that tend to lead to an angry response.

Worksheet 2: Understand Anger Triggers

Recognizing anger triggers is important, but it's also important to explore why they lead to anger. Use the worksheet below in combination with anger management roleplay scenarios to reflect on why certain situations lead to an angry response.

Worksheet 3: Anger Management Techniques

Once a person recognizes what triggers their anger, it's important to develop - and use - a variety of strategies to manage anger effectively. This worksheet offers a central place to brainstorm anger management techniques.

Worksheet 4: Express Anger Constructively

Learning how to express anger constructively is an essential skill. This worksheet is designed to help people explore ways to communicate more effectively when feeling anger.

Worksheet 5: Analyze Stressful Scenarios

It can also be helpful to consider hypothetical situations and come up with appropriate reactions. Thinking through hypothetical scenarios can help a person keep healthy responses in mind in real life.

Worksheet 6: Anger Time-Out

During times of high emotion, it can be beneficial to take a time out and reflect on what took place from different perspectives. Use this worksheet to take a moment and reflect on what should happen next, rather than simply reacting with anger.

Worksheet 7: Health Impact of Anger

Knowing how anger can impact health can be a powerful motivator. The worksheet below is designed to explore the very real ways that emotions can impact a person's physical state and wellbeing.

How to Use Anger Management Worksheets

Worksheets designed to help manage anger can only be helpful if they are used appropriately, in conjunction with an appropriate course of treatment. A few important facts to keep in mind when using anger management worksheets include:

  • Be honest: Be completely honest when recording anger on a worksheet rather than making excuses. An anger management worksheet provides an opportunity to express anger on paper rather than taking it out on others.
  • Use regularly: A worksheet is not a one-time fix. Worksheets like the one above are most valuable when used on an ongoing basis, any time an individual needs to gain perspective on their anger or express it in writing.
  • Review past worksheets: Look back over past worksheets regularly so you can see what progress you have made. If you have not made progress, you will be able to tell what methods are ineffective for your anger management.
  • Seek support: If reviewing your own past anger management worksheets is uncomfortable, ask a trusted friend, family member, or counselor to help you review them periodically.
  • Use with other methods: Worksheets can be a great tool, but it's best to combine them with other techniques. Consider using them along with strategies like deep breathing, meditation, and other stress relievers.

If you or a loved one needs help with manager management, it's important to seek professional help. While anger management worksheets can be helpful, they should not be used as a substitute for seeking assistance from a licensed mental health professional.

7 Free Anger Management Worksheets