Where to Get Free Stress Balls

Girl with stress ball

Relieving stress couldn't be any less expensive than with free stress balls. You can make your own with materials you likely already have lying around your house, especially if you have kids. If you don't consider yourself crafty, many businesses also give them out as promotional items.

Making Your Own Stress Balls

Make stress balls in a matter of a few minutes with these homemade ideas.

Balloon Stress Ball

1. Take a balloon and slightly blow it up.
2. Take a funnel and place it in the opening.
3. Fill half to three-quarters of the balloon up with cornstarch or flour.
4. Tie the balloon and enjoy your new stress ball.

Using Clay for Stress

If you're into crafts, you probably already have some clay lying around. Form a ball and start kneading it to release tension from your day. You can also easily make Play-Doh at home and use it just as you would clay. The ingredients are:

  • Two cups of flour
  • Two cups of warm water
  • One cup of salt
  • Two tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • One tablespoon of cream of tartar

1. Stir all ingredients together while heating over low heat.
2. Once the dough starts to ball in the center of the pan, remove it from the heat and let it cool.
3. Once cool, knead it until it's smooth.
Remember to keep your ball in an airtight container so it won't dry out.

Cloth Stress Ball

1. Choose a piece of fabric and cut two medium-sized circles.
2. Sew the circles together leaving a small opening.
3. Turn it inside out and place pillow stuffing, beads, or beans inside.
4. Sew the opening shut.

Where to Get Free Stress Balls

Stress balls are popular promotional items and they can come in many shapes and colors. Businesses that often give out stress balls gratis include:

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Marketing companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Food and drug manufacturers

A good place to start is to simply ask at your doctor's office. It's likely they have some stress balls they got for free that they won't mind parting with. Also, check your health insurance company or hospital's newsletter to see if they are having a promotional giveaway. If neither of these work, stop by a street fair, a college campus or anywhere business representatives are out promoting their services. You'll likely be able to pick up at least a few balls in the course of fifteen minutes.

Ordering Online

Most websites that offer free stress balls offer them as free samples to businesses in anticipation of them ordering more. They are intended for purchasing professionals and not for the general public. However, if you are looking for a sample specifically for your business, seek out a promotional product site and set up an account. Otherwise, go with the suggestions above.

Don't Stay Stressed

Stress balls are given away so often that you should not have a hard time finding one, or several, within a few days' time. If you'd rather not venture out, you may find the project of making one yourself to be an excellent stress reliever in itself. That also allows you to customize the product, perhaps adding some lavender or your favorite essential oil. Only you know what helps you tackle the tension best.

Where to Get Free Stress Balls