Shooting Star Meditation

Focus on the stars to focus your mind.

Practicing shooting star meditation is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating as it opens one's mind to the harmonies of the universe while acknowledging the needs of individual thoughts. In this type of meditation, individuals can connect to the universe in an intimate and uninhibited way.

When You Wish Upon a Star

Every child has seen a streak of silver in the night sky and fervently hoped that shooting star will grant them a heartfelt wish. That earnest concentration on a simple point of light and focusing thoughts to a singular plea, though simplistic, is a form of shooting star meditation.

Regular meditation on shooting stars is, in fact, a specialized form of cosmic meditation that can connect an individual to the greater cosmos. The presence of a shooting star, a brief streak of light that seems at first to intrude on the overall harmony and unity of the night sky, can actually be symbolic for the random thoughts that regularly intrude on peaceful meditation. By seeing those random thoughts as what they are - a brief interruption that is still a part of the whole - it is possible to embrace the whole cosmos without allowing a stray thought to disrupt a relaxing meditation.

What Is a Shooting Star?

In astronomical terms, a shooting star is actually a meteorite, or a piece of debris - frequently rock or ice, though decaying satellites can also create meteorites - that plummets through the planet's atmosphere. As it enters the atmosphere, the debris generates tremendous friction and burns, creating the streak of light that is commonly called a shooting star.In meditation, a "shooting star" is a stray thought that burns brightly in the mind, disrupting the tranquil frame of mind. Rather than become annoyed at this type of interruption, however, it is better to let the star burn out and embrace the thought fully, acknowledging it before setting it aside for later contemplation. This can help an individual calm their thoughts for deeper meditation by realizing that they will be able to deal with insistent issues at a later time.

Shooting Star and Meteorite Meditation Tips

Many individuals prefer to practice shooting star and meteorite meditation at night, when astronomical shooting stars can become entwined with the shooting stars of their thoughts. For the most effective meditation, location, visibility, atmosphere, and comfort must all be considered.

  • Location: Choose a secluded location with a good, clear view of the night sky. Ideally, natural settings such as fields or parks will be best for undisturbed meditation.
  • Visibility: To increase the likelihood of seeing shooting stars, meditate in an area with a clear sky view all the way to the horizon. Avoid areas with excessive lights that will dampen the appearance of shooting stars, and choose a night without fog or pollution. Cooler nights will have the best visibility.
  • Atmosphere: A peaceful environment for meditation should be secluded and stress free. Try not to choose a location where noise from traffic, buildings, or people will intrude on your contemplation of the heavens.
  • Comfort: If you are uncomfortable, you will not be able to relax fully to immerse yourself in the meditation. Dress appropriately for the weather in loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Bring along a mat or blanket if you plan to lie on the ground, and briefly inspect the area before beginning your meditation so you are aware of any potential disturbances and they will not frighten you.

Once you are ready to begin meditating, practice deep breaths and other relaxation techniques to soothe your mind and body. Some individuals enjoy relaxing yoga poses to ease their harmony with nature, while others prefer to listen to meditation music with light, bright tones reminiscent of the sparkling stars.

If you are unable to practice meditation outdoors at night, it is possible to visualize shooting star and meteorite meditation instead. A dark, quiet room is preferred, and photographs or artwork of stellar scenes can be useful as a focal point. Some individuals will even purchase a real meteorite or meteorite impact glass (formed when the remnants of the meteorite collide with land) to serve as a physical focal point where they can transfer their negative energies and thoughts to help them burn away. Retailers specializing in crystals, fossils, and unique objects may have meteorites for sale, and online merchants also have selections ranging from less than $5 to several thousand dollars per meteorite. Online retailers include The Meteorite Market and Aerolite.

Alternatives to Shooting Star Meditation

For some individuals, shooting stars are not suitable for meditation because of their brief and unpredictable appearances. Alternative cosmic focal points, whether found through observation, chance, or visualization, include:

  • The moon
  • Particularly bright stars or planets
  • Comets
  • The aurora borealis
  • Constellations
  • Sunrise or sunset

Shooting star meditation can be a symbolic way to clear one's mind of random thoughts, whether the stars are visualized in the mind's eye or seen clearly in the night sky. By connecting to the sky in such a brilliant way, it is possible to enjoy the cleansing benefits of shooting stars as a connection to the greater cosmos.

Shooting Star Meditation