Workplace Stress Presentation

Stress Management PowerPoint
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Providing stress management training to your company's workforce can be a great employee development activity. Everyone experiences work-related stress from time to time and can benefit from learning new ways to effectively manage this inevitable aspect of life. Use the PowerPoint presentation provided here as a helpful free resource for teaching stress management tips in your own organization.

Using the PowerPoint File

You will need to have PowerPoint installed on your computer to use the free presentation provided here. To open the file, simply click the image. The document will open as a free-standing PowerPoint file that you can save to your hard drive. The document is editable, so you can use it as-is or add or remove information to better meet your specific training objectives as needed.

Presenting Stress Management Tips

Preparation Tips

Before you give the presentation, be sure to practice. Run through the material out loud, getting comfortable with the content and getting to where you can speak about it in a conversational manner rather than just reading off slides to the audience. Decide where you will ask attendees for input and feedback, and make sure that you're prepared to provide relevant scenarios specific to work-related stress if no one in the group has information to add.

Tips for Creating Handouts

Create handouts based on the presentation's final form to provide to the attendees, being sure that they're organized in a way that will make it easy for attendees to use them as post-training references. Do not put more than three slides per page, as the text will be too small for readers to see easily. Putting two slides on each page provides nice, large lettering. If you print three slides per page, though, the printouts will include blank lines readers can use for note taking.

In addition to creating handouts based on the full presentation, also provide readers with 5 or so copies of the stress management journal page referenced within the presentation.

Presentation Day Tips

On presentation day, take the following steps to ensure success.

  1. Dress professionally.
  2. Set up early.
  3. Make sure your technology is in place and ready to go, including computerized presentation materials, laser pointers, and audio equipment.
  4. Create a comfortable environment for your audience with comfortable seating, water to sip, and pleasant lighting and temperature.
  5. Remind the workforce of the presentation shortly before it begins.
  6. Break the ice with an anecdote.
  7. Set expectation for the audience. For example, tell them how long the session will be, whether there will be breaks, and whether you will accept questions during the presentation or afterward.
  8. Distribute handouts.
  9. If you don't know an answer to a question, promise to find it and follow-up with that person.

Seek Support From the Top

Ideally, your presentation should be only part of an overall wellness program and should be backed up with a whole-company, long-term stress management initiative. Encourage members of senior staff to attend the training session. Their participation will demonstrate that management recognizes and takes seriously the challenges related to dealing with work related stress that employees face.

Workplace Stress Presentation