Yoni Meditation

Connect with your female strength through meditation.

Practicing yoni meditation can be a powerfully moving experience for a woman, allowing her to embrace her sexuality in a spiritual and uplifting way that can reduce stress and tension in her everyday life.

Defining Yoni

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that is defined as the womb and place of life or birth as part of a woman's anatomy and sexuality. Rather than having a physical manifestation, however, a woman's yoni is considered to be a spiritual and sacred place within her where nurturing, healing, growth, power, and peace can originate. The yoni is also connected to the goddess Sakthi, the creator of all worlds, giving it a deeply spiritual connection to the concept of life, birth, and a connection to the universe.

Meditation that Focuses on Yoni

Yoni meditation focuses on embracing a woman's gender, either from the perspective of the woman herself or of a partner who seeks to share in her joy of femininity and female power. In yoni techniques, women focus on the beauty of themselves as women spiritually, merging the sensual and divine aspects of their gender to focus on the gift they have as women without shame or inhibitions. This can increase a woman's self confidence with her own sexuality and femaleness, helping her to embrace her gender and celebrate being female.

Because yoni techniques help focus a woman's power with the positive aspects of gender and sexuality, they can be especially powerful to encourage fertility, ease chronic stress during pregnancy, and help women who have been victims of sexual or gender crimes to recover their self confidence. Yoni practices can also be a sensual and intimate way for partners to connect and celebrate one another.

Practicing Yoni Meditation

When practicing yoni techniques, the key is to embrace the female gender. To set the mood for peaceful meditation and reflection:

  • Breath Deeply: Deep breathing exercises help ease tension and focus thoughts on the meditation instead of external distractions.
  • Light Candles or Incense: Scented candles and incense in peaceful or relaxing fragrances can be a powerful mood enhancer to release inhibitions and melt away stress.
  • Play Music: The type of music played during the meditation depends on the powers the individual wishes to harness. Softer tunes are best for reflective meditations, while bolder music can turn the meditation into a celebration of being female.
  • Stretch: Some women find stretching exercises, particularly those that loosen the chest and hips, can be an important part of yoni techniques as they release tension from the body.

Once feelings of relaxation have set in, focus on the femaleness of the meditation. Rejoice in the power of the female body and all it is capable of doing - not just in terms of sexuality and reproduction, but the power of your individual everyday actions that shape your life and the lives of those around you. Use the meditation to search for inner wisdom, peace, and tranquility, or to harness the full will and power of your body originating from your core. Feel full of the strength you know you have, and rejoice in the beauty and sacredness of being female.

During the meditation, depending on the direction it takes and who is involved, some women will dance, sing, chant, or even make love with their partners as part of their celebration of being female. Yoni meditation can be a sacred and enriching experience that celebrates sexuality and gender in a spiritual and individual way.

Yoni Techniques for Partners

Practicing yoni style meditation with a partner can be an enriching and intimate experience for a loving relationship and can help a woman become more comfortable with her body and her sexuality. Techniques often used with partners include:

  • Massage: Tender, gentle massage can focus the meditation on those parts of the anatomy that most represent the female gender, including the breasts, hips, and curves.
  • Gazing: The power of a loving, accepting, nonjudgmental look cannot be underestimated, and having a partner visually connect with a woman's sensuality can be moving and empowering.
  • Dance: Intimate dances that include physical contact can connect each individual with one another as well as with the meditation music.
  • Lovemaking: For many couples, the ultimate result of yoni techniques is the reaffirmation of their sacred commitment and connection by making love. This can be a powerful and relaxing experience that not only embraces a woman's sexuality but also eases any stress and tension she may be feeling in connection to her body.

Yoni meditation is a deeply personal, intimate practice that can be a powerful way to embrace both sexuality and sensuality in a spiritual and uplifting way. By understanding the basis of this type of meditation and how to practice it effectively, all women can enjoy the benefits of meditation while become stronger and more confident in themselves.

Yoni Meditation