Food Lover's Diet

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If you are one of the many people who cherish a good meal, but need to lose weight, the food lover's diet might be right for you. Read on to find out exactly what that is and how to get started.

Food Lover's Diet

Do you love food? Well, you're not alone. In fact, many people love food for a variety of reasons. It represents time spent with friends and family. Deals and professional relationships can be built over good meals. Plus, so many people turn to food for comfort in difficult times and as a way to express pleasure or celebrations. It's no wonder so many people find it difficult to lose weight on diets that ask you to restrict or completely eliminate foods you love.

That's where the food lover's diet comes in. This diet refers to the Food Lovers Fat Loss System, which was co-developed by Robert Ferguson and is now owned by Provida Life Sciences.

Here are some of the highlights of the program.

Food Lovers Fat Loss System

This diet relies on three types of foods: fast carbs, slow carbs, and proteins. It includes an entire system to get your metabolism kick-started and the tools to keep you going. Here is the breakdown.

The First 21 Days

The first three weeks of the program are encompassed by what Ferguson calls the "21 Day Metabolism Makeover." This makeover works as the cornerstone to the entire program. It is designed to get your body into optimal condition for weight loss by boosting your metabolism, provide you with the tools, advice, and know-how to stick with the program and make small changes in your life, kick-starting your fat loss. The "21 Day Metabolism Makeover" is available as part of the overall Food Lovers Fat Loss System or individually on the website.

Food Lovers for Life

After the initial 21 days, those following the program will need a plan they can stick to permanently, making this more than a mere weight loss tool. Rather, it's a way of eating and approaching food that can help an individual maintain a healthy lifestyle for life.

The Rest of the Package

The fat loss system offers a variety of tools to aid in the transition to a healthier lifestyle to those trying to lose weight. The following components come as part of the overall package

  • Fat Loss Audio Series - This five-disc audio series by Ferguson is a great way to get motivated about the program and offers helpful advice and tips on how to navigate your new lifestyle.
  • Fat Loss Plate Book - How to Make a Fat Loss Plate is a book written to help you understand the different components of your new diet, including an explanation of fast carbs, slow carbs, and proteins. It also provides detailed instructions on how to set up your "fat loss plate."
  • Menu Planner - What would a diet be without a menu planner? The "Million Meals Menu Planner" offers nearly limitless combinations of the three diet categories, making it easy to stick to the plan without getting too bored.
  • Snack and Treat Guide - This includes hundreds of brand name snacks that you can choose for those between-meal treats.
  • Eating Out Guide - While it's generally best to cook your meals at home to ensure proper portioning and ingredients, that isn't completely realistic. This guide can help you navigate restaurant menus.
  • The Joy of Eating Cookbook - This book offers detailed instructions for creating healthy meals to promote weight loss.
  • Classic Comfort Food Recipe Cards - These cards offer healthier versions of your favorite foods, like fried chicken and brownies.
  • Bonus Gifts - The program also includes two bonus gifts: 12 Minute Workout Series DVD and The 6 Day Detox Drop.

Where to Buy

For more information or to purchase the program, visit Diet Free Life.

Food Lover's Diet