How to Make Diet Shakes

How to Make Diet Shakes

In today's health-conscious society you can find a host of recipes to help you learn how to make diet shakes. The question you'll want to ask yourself first is, what kind of diet are you on, because not all shakes labeled diet will meet the requirements you need for weight loss success.

Different Diets Require Different Shakes

If you search for healthy diet shake recipes to help you lose weight, the ingredients you'll use when on the Atkins Diet will differ from the ingredients you'll need on the Hallelujah Diet. That's because one diet restricts carbohydrate intake, while the other encourages you to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Other diets focus on calorie content.

The market is flooded with pre-made diet shakes like Slim Fast, and high protein shake mixes, as well as those included on plans like the Medifast diet but if you're looking for an alternative, this article provides resources to help you learn how to make your own diet shakes to meet the needs of your specific diet. No matter what diet plan you follow, shakes are one way to keep eating fun and interesting and lets you feel like you're treating yourself to dessert. Tasty shakes made from wholesome ingredients are healthier, too, because they provide a source of good nutrition.

Diet Shakes as Meal Replacements

People often skip breakfast because they don't want to take the time to make something that will fit into their weight loss plan. Making your own diet shakes can be quick and tasty enough to look forward to, plus it provides a great way get your day off to a good nutritional jump start. They can do the same thing for lunch. If you don't feel like you have time to eat something nutritious, throw your ingredients into a blender and bring your own freshly made diet shake with you to work. If you take time for lunch, it helps break the skip-a-meal and binge later habit that helps to pack the pounds on. Having a shake for dinner can also work if you've had a big lunch and don't want to eat a heavy dinner. Mixing your own shakes provides variety, taste and the amount of calories or carbs you need to balance out your day.

Recipe Resources for Low Carb Diet Shakes

It's refreshing to know that making your own diet shakes can be less expensive than buying the manufactured protein drinks. That's right, low-carb diet shakes you buy at the store are expensive versions of protein powder doctored to taste good. If you're ready for something a little more refreshing than the taste you get from the low-carb pre-made shake options, the following recipes please the palate and are still below 5 carbs:

Recipe Resources for Vegan Diet Shakes

Those who are not Vegan may not realize it, but Vegans have plenty of mouthwatering choices to choose from when making shakes. These shakes can be made with soymilk, tofu, rice milk, and non-dairy frozen desserts. Rich, thick smoothies also work like a shake to satisfy that urge for something sweet that's still healthy. The following Vegan diet recipes offer a range of flavors:

An added benefit to using soy protein in your shakes is that it provides your body's amino acid requirements and makes a good choice because it has less fat and fewer calories than many other sources of protein.

How to Make Diet Shakes Low in Calorie

Making your own low cal diet shakes gives you control over not only how many calories are in the shake but what ingredients are used. For example, if you'd rather use honey than an artificial sweetener you can make that adjustment. Frozen bananas also make a good natural sweetener that provides that thick milk shake texture we've come to enjoy. The following recipes give you options for whatever mood you might be in:

How to Make Diet Shakes