Inability to Lose Weight

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Are you one of those people who continually diet but seem to have an inability to lose weight? If so, you are not alone, and there may be a physical reason as to why those unwanted pounds just won't disappear.


You've tried every diet in the book, and you exercise. In fact, you've drastically reduced your caloric intake, but still that scale won't budge. What's up with your body? Why do you seem to have such an inability to lose weight? There could be any number of reasons behind this frustrating scenario, but one of the first steps you should take is a visit to your doctor. Your thyroid might just be the culprit.

What does your thyroid have to do with weight loss? Quite a bit, actually! The thyroid, which is found below the Adam's Apple, produces thyroxine, a hormone that regulates heart rate, bowl movements, appetite, and metabolism. Because the thyroid depends upon iodine to produce enough thyroxine, insufficient levels can cause the thyroid to become under-active. This is also referred to as hypothyroid. A side effect of this condition is the inability to lose weight because your metabolism is out of whack. Other serious conditions can result from hypothyroidism, including depression and heart problems.

Hypothyroidism can result for a multitude of reasons, including auto-immune disorders, infections, tumors, and aging. Some people are also more prone to an under-active thyroid simply because of genetics. Most doctors use a simple blood test to check for hypothyroidism, and if evidence of an under-active thyroid is found, hormone therapy is prescribed. Once you've begun taking these hormones, you may discover you are able to lose weight.

Inability to Lose Weight

If you've had your thyroid checked and still have problems losing weight, consider the following:

Unrealistic expectations

Do you have unrealistic expectations regarding your weight loss? Although plenty of diet programs promise significant weigh loss in a short time, that doesn't mean the program will work for you. Even if you do lose weight quickly, you typically won't keep it off once your weight levels off, and you may find yourself gaining it back simply because you can't stay on such a drastic diet.

Surrendering to defeat

Do you follow your diet religiously for a few days, and then when the scales won't cooperate, give up, only to find yourself starting the process all over again? If so, you haven't given your body enough time to adjust to your new way of eating. Don't give up so easily, and don't waver back and forth from dieting to binging.

Getting in a rut

Okay, so you're on a set diet and exercise plan. At first, you experienced some weight loss success. Now, however, you're at a stalemate, and you just don't understand it! You're doing the same thing you've been doing, but your weight just won't budge! What's going on? While you may be doing all the right things, you've underestimated your body's ability to adapt. Once your body has grown accustomed to its caloric intake and activity level, you might maintain your weight and shape, but you may not continue to lose. If this is the case, change up your diet and your activity, maybe adding more weights, new exercises, and different foods to jump start your metabolism again.

Stay away from the scales

This doesn't mean you should never weigh, but instead of weighing every day, jump on those scales only one or two times a week. Concentrate instead on how you feel and how your clothes fit. It's quite possible for you to drop down a clothing size without the scales showing any weight loss. How is this possible? As you lose fat, you may be gaining muscle, and remember-muscle weighs more than fat!

Check With Your Doctor

Finally, if you've tried everything, including thyroid tests, and you still can't lose weight, go back to your doctor. There may be some other physical problem that is affecting your weight. Your doctor should do an intensive physical to look for other underlying problems with your health. Above all, if you start on a new, healthy weight loss and exercise program, be patient. Success may take a while, but it should happen! .

Inability to Lose Weight