Is the Suddenly Slim Diet Safe?


Many people who are keen to lose weight jump at the chance to try the Suddenly Slim Diet without asking the basic question: "Is the suddenly slim diet safe?" With heightened bad press associated with high-fat-intake diets such as The Atkin's Diet, it is only right that women and men should be cautious when embarking on a new attempt to lose weight.

The Suddenly Slim Diet

The Suddenly Slim Diet is a 10 day regimen which aims to help men and women lose weight by increasing the metabolism enabling calories to burn more efficiently. The diet works with the use of supplements, many of which are herbal-based. As with many diets offering the use of supplement foods, powders and shakes, weight loss is not guaranteed by the use of these alone and as with every diet exercise plays a major role in successful weight loss.

Is The Suddenly Slim Diet Safe: Good Question

Fortunately, The Suddenly Slim Diet does have limits and constraints which protect those attempting to lose weight using its methods. The 10 day plan offers a regimented action plan which to successfully lose weight needs top be followed to the letter.

The most important step when considering this and any type of weight loss plan is to consult a physician prior to beginning. There is always a risk that individuals perceive themselves to be over weight, when in fact they are already a healthy weight and could compromise their health by losing more weight than necessary.

Because the diet works on the principal of eating 6 small meals per day this may not be conducive for people who are diabetic as it may interfere with blood sugar levels when altering food intake throughout a lengthy period of time. The shakes included in the diet regimen are sweetened with fructose which is a form of sugar, thus they are not suitable for a diabetic diet either. With these two issues in mind, it is probably not the most sensible diet for a diabetic dieter and will no doubt reap havoc with the diabetic diet.

A substance known as 'Ephedra' is present in some of the supplements; so when asking the question, "Is The Suddenly Slim Diet safe?" when it comes to Ephedra, the answer for many is a resounding "no". Ephedra is a known stimulant which not only increases the heart rate but the blood pressure also. Therefore, for those with blood pressure or other cardiac problems, a component such as Ephedra may be a dangerous one to dabble with. Ephedra has come under increasing criticism by the FDA because of such hazardous effects and following a total ban on the substance in recent years, the substance is now only regulated for use in limited amounts.

Safety First

So in terms of safety, The Suddenly Slim Diet does, as do other diets, have its negative elements. However these may not be obvious to those about to undertake the regimen and most certainly are not advertised as much as the benefits. Again this highlights the need to consult a physician and qualified diet specialist to ensure a diet is being started which is right for you.

No amount of excess body weight is so catastrophic that it is worth risking your health to shift. There are many diet regimens and diet pills available which may suit those with pre-existing medical conditions far better, and probably have the same effect if followed accurately. Health and safety is the most important thing, and there is no point being ultra slim if you suffer high blood pressure or diabetic problems as a result. In effect, nothing has been gained except medical problems which may be irreversible.


Is the Suddenly Slim Diet Safe?