Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Red Wine


Both dry red wines and dry white wines are relatively low calorie drinks. Dry red and white wines have calories ranging from about 80 calories to 105 calories per glass. As long as you limit your intake, wine is a great low calorie drink.



Go ahead and celebrate. A small glass of champagne has slightly fewer than 100 calories. Again, moderation is key. If the glasses are adding up, so are the calories.

Lite Beer


Lite beers come in a range of calories; however, a bottle typically has well under 100 calories. There are even lite beers for carbohydrate controlled diets. Many lite beers, especially premium brands of lite beer, are delicious.

Rum and Diet Cola


Rum and diet cola has one shot of rum and uses diet cola as a mixer. The cola has zero calories. A shot of rum has about 110.

Cosmopolitan Lite Done Two Ways


A cosmo lite can be made with four parts vodka two parts triple sec, two parts zero calorie cranberry flavored drink and a splash of lime juice. When made with a zero calorie cranberry drink, calories are low. To make it even lower calorie, mix the zero calorie crandberry drink with a shot of vodka and add a twist of lime. It still has the essence of a cosmopolitan for fewer calories.

Bloody Mary


What better way to get your vegetables than a bloody mary? This popular drink made with a single shot of alcohol weighs in at around 150 calories.



Sure mojitos have a little bit of sugar, but the big flavor punch comes from mint leaves and lime. A classically made single shot mojito has slightly over 150 calories.

White Wine Spritzer


Take a little white wine, top it with some club soda and toss in a raspberry or two. Wine spritzers have long been a delicious way to drink wine with fewer calories.

Neat, Club Soda or On the Rocks


Mixers add calories. That's why popular alcohols served either neat, on the rocks or with club soda are a terrific lite choice. Vodka, whiskey or gin served in this manner have less than 70 calories per ounce of alcohol.

Gin and Tonic


Gin has 64 calories per ounce. Tonic water has 10 calories per ounce. Ice has no calories. This classic drink is a terrific low calorie option.

Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks