Biotin for Vegans: Chart of Natural Sources

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Biotin, also known as vitamin H and vitamin B7, is a B-complex vitamin that helps convert carbs into energy. It also supports healthy hair and skin. Biotin deficiency is uncommon, but since vegans do not eat biotin-rich cow's milk, eggs, and salmon, it's important to include other biotin foods in your diet.

Vegan Sources of Biotin

According to MedlinePlus, there is no recommended daily allowance (RDA) for biotin. The adequate intake (AI) for adults and pregnant women over age 18 is 30 mcg daily (.03 mg). Breastfeeding women should get 35 mcg (.035 mg) of biotin daily.

Use the following chart to discover good sources of biotin foods and ways to eat them. Biotin amounts come from The World's Healthiest Foods nutrition database.

Food Serving size Mcg of biotin How to Eat
Almonds 1/4 cup 14.7 Sprinkle onto fruit or veggie salads, hot cereals, or a baked sweet potato; add to smoothies; make almond butter
Banana 1 medium 3.0 Eat raw; slice and add to cold cereals, oatmeal, and fruit salads; add to vegan muffins
Carrots 1 cup 6.1 Eat raw; dip slices into vegan dip or dressing; add to veggie salads; roast with other vegetables
Cauliflower 1 cup 1.6 Eat raw; roast; mash with nut milk, garlic and sea salt, or boil
Cucumber 1 cup .90 Eat raw; slice and add to salads or sandwiches; soak in vinegar and honey
Grapefruit 1/2 medium 1.3 Eat raw sprinkled with brown sugar; grill or roast; add sections to fruit or veggie salads
Lettuce (Romaine) 2 cups 1.7 Eat on sandwiches; use to make salads; use as garnish
Oats 1/4 cup 7.8 Make, oatmeal, granola, or vegan muffins and pancakes
Onions (cooked) 1 cup 8.0 Add to salads, homemade soups, casseroles; roast whole
Peanuts 1/4 cup 26.0 Eat raw; add to fruit or veggie salads or oatmeal; add to vegan baked goods and smoothies; make peanut butter
Raspberries 1 cup 2.3 Eat raw; stir into oatmeal or cold cereal; make fresh juice or smoothies
Strawberries 1 cup 1.6 Eat raw; add to cereal, oatmeal, or salads; make jam or jelly; cook and make strawberry sauce for vegan pancakes and waffles
Sweet potato 1 cup 8.6 Bake in skin and top with cinnamon and brown sugar; make sweet potato fries
Tomatoes 1 cup 7.2 Eat raw; make a tomato sandwich; add to vegan pasta, vegetables, vegetarian chilis, or vegetable soup
Walnuts 1/4 cup 5.7 Eat raw; add to baked goods; sprinkle on salads or oatmeal
Watermelon 1 cup 1.5 Eat raw; add to fruit salads; roast with lime and sea salt

Plenty of Choices

If you're vegan, there's no need to be concerned about getting enough biotin. There are plenty of vegan sources that can be easily incorporated into your diet. You should be able to get the recommended biotin AI without much effort.

If you're looking to add more biotin to your diet, eating a few extra servings of peanuts, almonds, sweet potatoes, or tomatoes throughout the day should help you reach your goal. Keep in mind that while nuts are high in biotin, they're also high in calories and fat, so eat those in moderation.

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Biotin for Vegans: Chart of Natural Sources