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Women's Health Perfect Body Diet

One day while enjoying a conversation around the table, the editors of Women's Health came up with the idea for the Perfect Body Diet. They were tired of trying one diet after another all of which claimed to work for everybody. In the editors' experience this didn't hold true. Each person's body is uniquely different and one diet doesn't work for everybody.

The Perfect Body Diet Wish List

With the concept of different diets for different bodies, the creators of the Perfect Body Diet admit that other diets helped them drop some weight, but those diets weren't always healthy and the weight didn't stay off. What they wanted was a healthy diet that would help them lose weight and keep it off. They brainstormed and came up with a wish list for the Perfect Body Diet:

  • Custom fit for individual women
  • Should provide a feeling of strength rather than a weak hungry feeling
  • Easy to maintain permanent changes in lifestyle to keep the weight off

It's Not a Gimmicky Lose Weight Fast Plan

The Perfect Body Diet is a plan created for people who understand that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is slowly. This diet helps people learn to take charge of their health by setting attainable goals which they are encouraged to talk over with their health care provider. The plan points out that you are overweight for three reasons:

  • Eating the wrong foods
  • Taking in the wrong kinds of calories per meal
  • Eating meals following a wrong pattern

While many of us want to find that magic diet that lets us drop unwanted pounds fast, those quick weight loss plans don't often work in the long run. Think about it. You don't just want to lose weight; you want to keep it off. One of the reasons people fail to achieve or maintain their weight loss is that they chase after a scheme that promises they don't have to change anything and will still lose weight. The fact is, billions of dollars are wasted each year on people who chase after promises to shed unwanted pounds with little or no effort. The bottom line is that you gain weight by eating the wrong food. It's your food choices that make you thin or fat.

No Calorie Counting

The Perfect Body Diet not only teaches you which foods to eat, but also when to eat them. The diet provides a selection of flexible meal plans designed to help your metabolism burn the calories you take in, and then move on to burn stored body fat, too. This diet adapts a plan specifically for you based on answers you provide through a questionnaire. Using those answers, a diet that will work for you is put together based on more than 24 proven diet types.

Because dieters pick a meal plan suited to their lifestyle and schedule, it helps them stick with it. Once you do that, the rest is computed for you. That's right you don't have to count calories or read product labels. The Perfect Body Diet provides the online tools you need to make dieting easy. They put together meal plans that automatically figure everything for you, and they provide the right daily menu to follow each day. If you visit their website, you can watch a product features video which highlights their products and services.

Suggestions for Success

The creators of the Perfect Body Diet stress that losing weight successfully takes time. The good news is that it's not about eating less, but it is about changing your eating habits. To do this they recommend:

  • Finding a good incentive (this is as individual as the diet)
  • Don't be in a hurry to lose weight
  • Find a partner or friend to lend support
  • Visit their blog for helpful tips
  • Visit their forum
  • Be aware that you will have bad days and plan for them
  • Keep a supply of low fat snacks on hand
  • Stick to the plan

Tools to Help Stick to the Plan

The online tools available to help you stay on your diet include:

  • Meal Planner: includes your basic meals, and the foods that make up those meals including: carbs, protein, fat values and it gives you daily totals.
  • Grocery List: Along with the meal planner, this tool puts together a list of all the foods needed to create the planned meals.
  • Nutrient Summary: Compares nutrient values against your goals to help you stay on target
  • BMI: provides a health risk assessment based on your BMI
  • Goals and Tracking: This is just what it sounds like. A tool that tracks the changes in your weight and body fat

This diet provides a healthy option for losing weight and keeping it off. It not only gives you the plan, but also the tools to be successful.

Use the calculator below to see your current BMI and what your daily caloric needs are.

Perfect Body Diet