Terrell Owens Diet Plan

 T.O.'s Finding Fitness: Making Mind, Body and Spirit Connection for Total Health
T.O.'s Finding Fitness: Making Mind, Body and Spirit Connection for Total Health

The Terrell Owens diet consists of four to six meals everyday, but these meals may be a little different than what you're used to. Plus Owens reminds people that it's more than just eating healthy foods. You also have to exercise. To accomplish this, he encourages people to set goals.

About Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens is the well-known wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and author of the book T.O.'s Finding Fitness: Making Mind, Body and Spirit Connection for Total Health. This book offers Owen's personal recipe for fitness which in a nutshell can be broken down like this:

  • 60 percent diet
  • 30 percent exercise
  • 10 percent rest

Owens Philosophy

Terrell Owens offers encouragement for all, including the average Joe, in his book. He takes the time to share where he's been and what he's been through, and reminds his readers that fitness is more than "physical". It also involves the mind and soul. Finding Fitness shares how to make that connection between body, mind and soul and how it has brought wholeness to his own life.Unlike many celebrity type diets, The Terrell Owens diet plan is realistic. In fact, he tells people not to expect overnight results. If you're looking for promises of rapid weight loss this diet plan is not for you. Instead, you can expect a steady weight loss and improved fitness level. How fast will you lose? That will depend on your body. Every person is unique, and not everyone responds the same way to the same workout. Owens stresses that people need to find what works for them, and what they are comfortable with. In his own life, he mixes up his workouts to stay interesting.

Exercise Is Integral

While Owens advocate eating high-performance foods throughout the day, he also promotes at least 45 minutes of exercise everyday. Owens uses an elastic resistance training system called Bodylastics. This system is currently used by personal trainers, athletes, and military personnel in their physical training, but allows you to workout in your home. The site has exercise instructions you can use to target the following areas of the body:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Abs
  • Legs
  • Shoulders

Basics of the Terrell Owens Diet Plan

One look at Terrell Owens and you can see that he feeds his body right. Owens credits some of that to the years of nutritional education he has received under the tutelage of his personal trainer, Buddy Primm. As Owens passes on these insights, he doesn't promise a miracle weight loss plan. Instead, he promotes a disciplined approach that involves eating right combined with regular exercise. Meal plans may offer the kind of change you're looking for in a diet as Owens has been spotted eating salmon and asparagus for breakfast. In general, Owens eats small portions regularly, and with his rigorous and active life, eats anywhere between 3000 and 4000 calories per day.Owens suggests that his readers use his book as a guide to help achieve their overall fitness goals. If you are interested in following the Terrell Owens diet plan, as part of your fitness goals, here are the basics:

  • Eat four to five times each day (metabolic rate stays higher if you eat smaller meals)
  • Cardiovascular exercise twice a week for 20 minutes
  • Include lean meats in your diet
  • Eliminate carbs from your diet after 6:00 in the evening

Along with these guidelines, Owens tries to avoid junk food, sodas and other refined sugar products. For a detailed breakdown of the Terrell Owens diet along with meal plans and a recommended exercise program, be sure to pick up a copy of his book.

Terrell Owens Diet Plan