Vegan Liquid Protein Sources & Where to Buy Them

Pea protein
Pea protein is one of the many protein sources in vegan drinks.

Vegan liquid protein is just one source of protein available for those living a vegan lifestyle.

About Veganism

The goal of a vegan is to abstain from consuming or using animal products of any kind in any way. Often times, individuals choose to become vegan based on animal-rights issues. They are often concerned with farming practices, environmental impact, and animal testing. Others may choose to go vegan based purely on health factors. Many people believe veganism is one of the most healthful ways to eat.

Vegan Liquid Protein

Liquid protein isn't just for athletes. Vegans and vegetarians may need to supplement their diets with vegan liquid protein and powders that can mix into drinks. Prepared protein drinks and smoothies come in a variety of flavors, from fruity berry drinks to thick and milky chocolate or vanilla shakes. When making your own, it's helpful to know more about different protein powders you can add to the liquids.

Pea Protein

Pea protein powders mix into shakes or smoothies as quickly and easily as their whey counterparts, but they do not contain any animal byproducts. These pea protein supplements contain only plant-based proteins and amino acids like lysine and glutamine and are much easier for many people to digest than typical protein supplements.

Hemp Protein

Hemp protein powders have an added benefit of supplementing dietary fiber intake. Also containing amino acids and purely vegetable-based protein, hemp powder has a variety of uses. Some people use the powder in place of flour in baked goods or eat it right off the spoon for a quick protein pick-me-up.

Soy Protein Powder

Soy is an excellent source of vegan complete protein. Soy powders can mix with water or rice or almond milk to make a shake or smoothie. Additionally, soy powders can be added to foods like oatmeal or yogurt for an added protein boost.

Where To Buy

You can purchase vegan protein mixes at specialty retail stores and online. Here are a few links to vegan protein products.

Other Vegan Protein Sources

Common challenges for vegans are protein and vitamin deficiencies. Animal products tend to be high in protein and iron, B-vitamins, and other nutrients. Those who choose to live a vegan lifestyle must pay special attention to their diets to ensure they include these important nutritional elements.

  • Beans and lentils
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Soy products, including milk, tofu, yogurt, and more
  • Grains - Quinoa is an example of a high-protein, nutrient-packed grain found in many vegetarian and vegan products
  • Leafy Greens - Though leafy greens, like spinach and broccoli, are not particularly high in protein, they do contain a healthy dose of B-vitamins and iron, nutrients that omnivores often get through animal products

Though finding good, wholesome protein sources and liquid protein for vegans can be somewhat challenging, it's not impossible, especially in a health-conscious market. Now, more than ever before, people are turning toward healthier, more environmentally sound ways of living and eating.

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Vegan Liquid Protein Sources & Where to Buy Them