Which Alcoholic Beverages Are Low in Carbohydrates?

Low-Carbohydrate Diets and Alcohol


Before answering the question, "Which alcoholic beverages are low in carbohydrates," it is important to understand how the body processes alcohol. When you drink alcohol, your body metabolizes it before it metabolizes any other nutrients, including fat, carbohydrates, or protein. So while low-carb alcoholic beverages won't kick you out of ketosis, they may slow down the progress of your diet.



Both red and white wine are relatively low in carbohydrates. A 3.5 ounce glass of wine contains about three grams of carbohydrates per serving.

Light Beer


Many light beers contain less than four grams of carbohydrates per serving. Read labels to determine which beer will meet your carb requirements.

Rum and Diet Soda


Neither rum nor diet soda has any carbohydrates; however, it is important to note that some low-carbohydrate dieters stall when they drink beverages sweetened with artificial sweeteners.



If you drink your whiskey neat, it doesn't have any carbohydrates.

Scotch and Soda


Unflavored, unsweetened soda water doesn't contain carbs, and neither does scotch.

Bloody Mary


Vodka and tomato juice with a dash of Tabasco provide about five grams of carbs per three ounce drink.

Low Carb Liquors


Distilled spirits such as vodka, rum, tequila and whiskey all have no carbohydrates. Drink them straight or with carb-free mixers.



Calorie-free carbonated beverages don't have carbs, and can be mixed with distilled spirits.

What to Avoid


While it helps to know which alcoholic beverages are low in carbohydrates, it also helps to know what not to drink. Avoid liqueurs, dessert wines, fruity drinks, and full-calorie beer, which all contain high levels of carbohydrates.

Low-Carb Diet


Now that you know which alcoholic beverages are low in carbohydrates, you should keep in mind that your low-carb diet will be best served by moderating alcohol intake. If you have more than one drink, carbohydrates begin to add up, and alcohol may cloud your judgment leading you to eat a high carb snack.

Which Alcoholic Beverages Are Low in Carbohydrates?