9 Crazy Workouts That Sound Better Than The Gym

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So you could die of boredom by putting hours in at the gym when you would rather be somewhere else. Or you could try out a less traditional workout to get in shape! The choice is yours...

1. Circus Fun With Real Results

Girl performing aerial silk dance

If it has been your lifelong ambition to make like a circus artiste, then this one is definitely for you. Way more fun-packed than a gym session could ever dream of being, circus workouts are a stellar way of keeping both your body and your mind in shape with its double whammy of cardio and strength training. If you have ever lusted after swinging upside down off a trapeze, then it's time to seize the day! Besides trapeze swinging, you can expect to get a grip with aerial rings and aerial silks. Hands down, this is one of the more cheeky ways to keep in shape. Look up your local center for circus arts classes, or get a head start by following along online.

2. Kill Calories With a Karaoke Workout

Karaoke cycle workout
Karaoke cycle photo by Jena Cumbo

If riding a bike and singing out loud are up your alley, why not combine them with a karaoke workout? Part workout, part party, this might sound a little bit insane, but it's essentially a spinning class with a big old karaoke screen at the front and a class leader brandishing a mic, primed for you to put on both your best physical and vocal performance. Simultaneously. Because there's nothing like some healthy distraction to ease the pain of exercise, right? Check out crunch.com to see if they have karaoke cycling classes in your area.

3. Step It Up in Stilettos

Fair warning, your podiatrist might have a fit over this one. But if you love your heels and hate wearing sneakers, make your workout regime that much sweeter by wearing those sky-highs of yours while exercising. The high heel workout craze is sweeping the nation! Think squats, kicks, and lunges with your heels on all in the name of a firmer butt... and hopefully not a twisted ankle! Look out for stiletto workouts like this one in select gyms. But if you can't find a class near you, you can always follow along online.

4. The Pogo Workout

Woman using pogo stick for workout

A seriously fun way to exercise and shed the pounds, pogo stick jumping is an intense, low-impact cardio workout that is also great for toning with small jumps burning around 600 calories an hour. Plus, the higher jumps can send your calorie burning capacity through the roof. Extra points for working on balance and agility and the fact that you can do it almost anywhere! No classes or videos needed - just you and your pogo stick.

5. Unleash Your Inner Rave

We're going all the way back to the 90s for this one. Think whistles, glow sticks, and more energy than you can shake a stick at. Like a mad night out without the next-morning headache, rave workouts are like an aerobics class on steroids. You can literally rave it up to a raver playlist while burning calories, releasing endorphins, and reliving your glory days. And because everyone else is raving away in a hot sweaty mess, you can leave your inhibitions at the door. We'll take a rave workout over the gym any morning. Look out for fitness raves like this one, nationwide.

6. Do Some Doga

Got a pooch and looking for something more mellow? Then it's all about Dog Yoga, otherwise known as Doga. Twist and stretch while simultaneously relaxing and bonding with your furry friends in a series of poses. As far as we're concerned, this sounds way more adorable than ohm'ing with our human counterparts any day. Look out for Doga classes at your local yoga center, or you can also buy a dvd and doga to your heart's content at home.

7. Hit It Like a Drum Fiend

Listening to music when you're exercising is nothing new, but what if you BECAME ONE with the music? Drum Fit is all about getting your hands on some weighted drumsticks and then unleashing the beat in a crazy, infectious jam session. Drum Fit also promises to leave you absolutely dripping in sweat. If you have ever fancied yourself as a Led Zeppelinesque drummer, then bashing anything you can get your hands on with a pair of drumsticks sounds like an awesome way to let loose, tone up, and rock out. Cardio, conditioning, strength training, yoga, and pilates-inspired movements (plus a serious beat) are what make this workout both effective and fun.

8. Lap Up Aqua Spin

Cycle pool workout

Forget water aerobics or being tortured in a sweaty room. We're talking bicycles in a swimming pool! Burning up to 800 calories an hour, aqua cycling has all the benefits of its on-land counterpart, but with a more laid-back feel, thanks to the water lapping at your limbs as you put them to the test. Plus since you're in the water, you won't feel like you're sweating - even when you are! Look for centers currently running aqua cycling programs like Aqua Wellness World or Aqua Studio NY.

9. Make Like a Samurai With Sword Fitness

Fancy yourself a samurai? Then it's sword fitness for you. Unleash your inner warrior with Jungshin, fitness training based on traditional Japanese sword movements. Formulated to help sculpt and work your whole body, this form of exercise strengthens your legs and core, tones the arms, and empowers the mind by making use of traditional wooden Japanese training swords. We're feeling fierce already. Check out the Jungshin Fitness website for class locations.

Sick of your existing exercise regime? We dare you to be bold and try out one of these left-field fitness options to help make embracing the true value of physical fitness a little bit more fun.

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9 Crazy Workouts That Sound Better Than The Gym