7 Yoga Exercises for Conceiving & the Benefits

There may be some conception asanas to help reduce stress and prepare the body for pregnancy.

Unfortunately, there is not a series of conception asanas you can practice that will automatically ensure pregnancy. However, yoga is a terrific program with which to prepare the body for conception and birth, so it's definitely worth your time.

Understand Your Body

The most successful action for getting pregnant is to pay close attention to your body's natural rhythms. The menstrual cycle, best times for ovulation, and changes in vaginal secretions all contribute to fertility.

This doesn't mean you have to keep a flow chart and a series of spreadsheets, although some people do maintain accurate records of this information. Yoga teaches us to respond to internal and external signals more acutely. You will be a better receptor to messages from your body if you practice yoga routinely.

Reduce Stress with Yoga

There's no question of the impact stress has on fertility. For many individuals, stress interferes with sperm production and ovulation. There's also the mental turmoil involved with waiting for the next window of opportunity, scheduling intercourse instead of taking advantage of spontaneity, and the depression that often accompanies the process.

In our LoveToKnow article Yoga Postures for Infertility, we discuss how stress-busting solutions such as guided meditation, a healthy diet, and consistent yoga help ease the pressure to conceive.

Conception Asanas for Women?and Men!

With a regular yoga practice, many individuals feel an overall sense of wellbeing, which aids many levels of health. Whether there are conception asanas is up for debate. It's better to consider certain yoga postures as restorative measures to prepare yourself in body, mind, and spirit to accept a new role.

Women should try the following poses:

  • Bridge Pose - to expand the hips and pelvis
  • Lotus Pose - to relax the mind as well as the reproductive area
  • Supported Headstand - to stimulate hormones
  • Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend - to invigorate the body and groins
  • Bound Angle Pose or Cobbler's Pose - to increase blood flow to the abdomen and vagina

It might also be helpful to perform the Legs-Up-The-Wall pose after coitus to aid the sperm in reaching the uterus.

Yoginis will also benefit from a daily practice of relaxation techniques, especially before intercourse.

Men might want to practice:


While many yogis appreciate a vigorous yoga routine, it's best not to heat up the body with exercise if you're trying to keep a high sperm count. The hotter the testes become, the lower the sperm count. Aim for a consistency of about 96 degrees.

Learn more about achieving better male fertility at LoveToKnow Pregnancy.

Couples may also want to consider partner yoga, and even tantra yoga methods to improve intimacy and not have to feel so scheduled all the time. The postures practiced together may turn out to be conception asanas after all!

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7 Yoga Exercises for Conceiving & the Benefits