6 Tantric Yoga Techniques for Partners

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Trying Tantric yoga techniques, even some basic ones, will give you an idea of how powerful this practice can be.

Understanding Tantra Yoga

The theory of Tantra yoga is that partners release the intense energy of Kundalini. This energy is coiled deep within our body and moves up through the chakra zones to awaken the mind and spirit, achieving enlightenment.

Tantric yoga is associated with sexuality because the energy has to build within the first and second chakras. The first chakra, known as Mulandhara, is located at the base of the spine, and represents our foundation and connection to the earth. The second chakra, Svadishthana, is housed within our genitals, and helps us connect to others through emotion and desire.

Tantra means "expansion." Through the practice of spiritual energy and sensuality, a yogi removes physical boundaries in order to reach a greater awareness or consciousness. You can perform Tantric yoga techniques with a lover, a sibling, a friend, or a child, because the true intent of Tantra is not the expectation of sex, but rather the sharing of souls to honor a higher level of being. When you dedicate your focus on another, you recognize the divine within that individual, and within yourself.

Is there a sexual component to Tantra? Yes, lovers can experience a completely different level of the practice if their intent is to explore their desire on a more emotional plane. The Kama Sutra was developed for this journey. However, it surprises many when they realize the Tantric yoga interaction they have with their partner has nothing to do with coitus or even foreplay. Nevertheless, the sharing of sexual energy between adults can be a wonderful benefit to the practice.

As with any yoga method, there are many philosophies. Here are some books you may find helpful in your quest to understand Tantric yoga techniques and theory:

Tantric Yoga Techniques to Try

There are a number of Tantric yoga techniques you can perform alone, with a partner, or simply as a moment of reconnection with another person. Again, keep in mind that while the true purpose of Tantra yoga is not for basal sex, some of these methods may have a sexual component to them.

  • Basic Pelvic Tilt - Watch this video clip for a demonstration of the Pelvic Tilt, which is a way to release vibrant energy in the lower chakra centers for overall wellbeing. Instructor Julie Tindall provides a standing example, but you can also do it while laying down.
  • Sharing Tantric Breath - Also known as the Breath of Tantric Love, instructors Lokita and Steve Carter show the technique in this clip.
  • Sat Kriya - This Tantric yoga technique increases the vibration at the source of Kundalini energy and is said to enhance male power. For an explanation and pictorial, view this page from Anmol Mehta, a yoga and meditation master.
  • Kundalini Chair Pose - Another offering from Mehta is this pose to strengthen the lower body and improve male virility.
  • Pelvic Release Yoni - This is a method for sexual healing.
  • Erotic Massage - There are a number of methods for erotic massage. The New School for Erotic Touch offers helps you explore them.

Lovers may also want to practice yoga together, but more intimately. Many yoga postures can be done side-by-side, over one another, or back-to-back for an increased connection. Our article on Partner Yoga Poses has additional ideas for you to try.

More on Tantra Yoga

To learn more about Tantric yoga techniques, use these resources:

  • Find instructional DVDs and information on workshops from the Lokita and Steve Carter's Institute for Ecstatic Living.
  • Consider taking a workshop with Tantra instructor Julia Tindall.
  • Another source for tantric education is Margo Anand, who has a number of DVDs and workshops for partners to try.
  • Pala Copeland and Al Link offer a variety of workshops in Tantra and Kama Sutra.
6 Tantric Yoga Techniques for Partners