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If you want to get healthy, lose weight, and strengthen muscles, finding a free online fitness program may be the answer. Some online fitness programs offer food intake and weight loss journals. Other Internet programs provide exercise programs as well as journals.

Free Online Workouts

You can find plenty of free workouts using websites like YouTube, but the potential problem with these free workouts is that you can't always be sure that the person presenting the workout is a fitness professional who is presenting the movements in a correct way that will help you avoid injury. If you choose to find workouts on YouTube, select videos from well-known fitness professionals like the following trainers.

  • Jillian Michaels offers a full, 55-minute Banish Fat Boost Metabolism workout.
  • P90X creator Tony Horton offers a tough workout that is a little over a half hour in length.
  • Celebrity trainer Tracey Anderson offers a quick abs routine that can be done alone or alongside any of the other exercise routines she offers on YouTube.

Joel Harper

Screenshot of Joel Harper video on website
Joel Harper video on

Featured on the Dr. Oz show, Harper offers all three of the workouts available on his DVD for free on Oprah's website. These workouts are equipment-free and appropriate for a wide range of fitness levels. Each workout is around twenty minutes long and is accompanied by catchy music to help you keep the cadence of the exercises. Joel provides direction throughout each workout, demonstrates the moves, and explains everything in detail. Occasional scrolling text announces the next move.

All three workouts are designed to provide strength work and increase the heart rate. Do all three workouts in a row, or choose one to get a quick workout in.

Fitness Blender

Created by a husband and wife team of fitness professionals, the mission of Fitness Blender is to provide full-length workout videos free of charge. There is no fee to access the workouts on this website, and there is an impressively large library of exercise videos from which to choose. Use the "Find a Workout" button to help you navigate through the huge library of workouts, all of which vary in lengths. Select a workout based on difficulty level, equipment required, or type of workout.

The workouts presented are basic, and not all them feature music, but the narrator clearly describes the movements while the fitness model physically demonstrates everything. For an extra fee, users can customize a workout program based on their goals. However, this is not required in order to access the workouts.

Warrior X Fit

Screenshot of Warrior X Fit website
Warrior X Fit website

Warrior X Fit offers free workouts that combine strength and cardio for the quickest results. The workouts require no special equipment, and the website also tracks the progress of users by awarding different "belts" depending on their activity history. Workouts are also available in printable formats for users who want to work out away from the computer.

Each free video features narrated directions while the model demonstrates each movement. A sidebar lists all the exercises featured within that particular workout. A catchy beat accompanies each workout, but the music is in the background and is secondary to the narrated directions.

Free Yoga Videos offers a wide variety of free yoga instructional videos. Choose full classes or choose a video that emphasizes the technique of one particular pose. Videos are available for all levels of yoga participants, from beginner to advanced.

Many of the yoga routines presented on this website take place outside in a beautiful setting. The instructor gives instruction and demonstrates each movement. The videos generally do not include music; they focus on the model's instructions instead.

Track Your Progress

Physical activity is just one aspect of a well-rounded fitness program. Use a free tracking tool to monitor your exercise alongside your nutrition.


Screenshot of
MyFitnessPal website

Available both online and as an app for smart phones, MyFitnessPal allows users to track their daily caloric intake and the amount of calories burned through physical activity. The database features an impressive number of foods to track calories, as well as exercises to track exertion. Users can set fitness or weight goals and track their progress along the way to their goal. Forums are also available for users who find it helpful to talk about their fitness journey with like-minded people.


Like MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople offers a free tracking tool that can be used online or as an app. Keep track of calories consumed and compare it to calories spent in physical activity. Search the database for healthy recipes, or join in discussions with other SparkPeople users.

No Gym Required

Using free online resources can help you get in shape and stay that way. Just make sure you utilize resources that are provided by credible sources, and speak to your physician before engaging in any new fitness routine.

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Free Online Fitness Programs