Tantra Exercises to Embrace Enlightenment

A golden statue of Buddha

Tantra exercises are intended to connect you with your emotional body, and bring about spiritual balance for a life of enlightenment. As one of the most profound and advanced Buddhist teachings, Tantra seeks to manifest the reservoir of energy contained within each of us.

Tantra and Enlightenment

Yogis and yoginis practicing this ancient art believe that we contain the answers to our own problems and the potential to live and enhance beyond anything imaginable. These individuals seek to reach the state of enlightenment by releasing and unlearning all negative qualities such as nervousness, anxiety, anger, greed, guilt, shame, and the like. Tapping into our true essence, wisdom, compassion, and unlimited capability characterize our eternal pure enlightened selves.

Tantra and Desire

Tantric yogis and yoginis take the approach of thinking, speaking, acting, and living as if they are already in the state of enlightenment. According to Tantra, the present moment carries within itself the enlightened self. Therefore, Heaven is now. Recognizing the powerful energy that arises from our natural urges and desires awaken us in this present moment. Driven by our desires to live, eat, succeed, play, and feel joy, Tantric beliefs convey that we cannot experience universal supreme happiness by abstaining from them. We are encouraged to cultivate small pleasures into higher levels of satisfaction allowing for the experience of true pleasure, joy, and serene bliss.

Performing Tantra Exercises through Kundalini


Tantra exercises involve focused and deliberate breathing. Inhaling deeply and intentionally empowers your lungs with more oxygen, while bringing vitality to your chakras and circulating well being throughout your body.

When conducting the following simple exercises, visualize yourself awakening and piercing through your seven chakras to produce a balance of the Tantric channels. Your metaphysical goal during each practice is to bring harmony between the feminine, cool Ida and the masculine, hot Pingala using Prana, the vital air. Guide Prana's circulatory movement down to the base of the spine where Kundalini resides. When you execute the Tantra exercises, Shakti Kundalini will then awaken and rise up Sushumna, reviving the seven chakras.

Sitale Breath

Sitale Breath is a controlled Tantra exercise for obtaining inner tranquility and calm. #In a comfortable seated position, or while standing with feet together flat on the floor, inhale through the mouth and envision your lungs being cleansed as they are expanding.

  1. Make sure to roll your tongue, cooling the oxygen that you deliver to your organs.
  2. Then, through the nose, release any inhibitions and discomforts that sat in your chest in the form of stale air. Try to do this for at least three minutes to alleviate stress and have a better night's rest.

Breath of Fire

The breath of fire is a continual, diaphragmatic rapid breathing. With your tongue hanging out of your mouth, deliberately inhale and exhale quickly much like a dog panting. This exercise unbinds uncomfortable feelings, increases oxygen flow, and invigorates the lungs. The only time women should avoid this breathing exercise is within the first few days of the menstrual cycle or after the fourth month of pregnancy.

Energize Yourself

  1. For a natural energy boost, try standing up with your legs three feet apart and gently bend over so that your fingertips touch the floor.
  2. Bend your knees if necessary.
  3. As you gradually raise your head and upper body, inhale as deeply as you can through your nose.
  4. Then, in a controlled manner, lower back down and exhale through your mouth. This enables cerebral spinal fluid to move around smoothly making you mentally and physically alert, awake, and refreshed.

Harmony in Relationships

For couples to develop harmony in their relationship, getting rid of conflict and anger is paramount. A Tantra exercise to dissolve grudges involves sitting back-to-back on the ground with your knees hugged into your chest and your feet flat on the floor. Connection and contact between the two spines enables for a spiritual and neuronal exchange of information. Together, in this position, simply breathe deeply and focus on letting go of the past and cleansing your relationship of any clamors and tension.

You can perform any one of these Tantra exercises throughout the day. While it is beneficial to attend a yoga course, enlightenment goes beyond the studio. Use these simple practices in your day-to-day life in order to maintain balance and peace of mind.

Tantra Exercises to Embrace Enlightenment