Tantra for Women: Workshops for Guidance

tantra woman reclining

Many people believe tantra for women is a healing, liberating practice. Sacred sensual fulfillment and greater enlightenment begins with self-acceptance. There are a number of workshops available with leaders who nurture this journey.

Understanding Tantra

The foundation of tantra is not about sex, although the ability to express sexual joy is one aspect of tantra. But, a person can only do that through sensual awareness which includes an understanding and interaction of all the senses. To experience tantra is to use your entire being to connect to yourself and to the universe.

Some may experience this focus of enlightenment for a brief moment; while others who are more advanced may start and end each day in the same state. Conscious breathwork, such as pranayama and a regular practice of tantra exercises help your progress.

Still, many wonder about the intensity of tantric sex. Here's one way to explain it. Although there are many theories of tantra, one fact weaves through all of them: while the male deposits the seed of life, the energy of the female brings life into being. This energy is known as Kundalini.

The fire of Kundalini originates in the second chakra. The location on the body is the lower abdomen, or genital area, which, according to the chakra scale, governs our emotions and sensuality. In Sanskrit, this area is called Svadhisthana, or "dwelling place of the self."

To acknowledge and accept all emotion, and to heighten your sensual awareness, means you will experience greater joy in everything you attempt, and have deeper relationships with those around you. This is the way of tantra, and thus, it will be easier to share sexual pleasure. Combined with a better knowledge your body and that of your partner, the opportunity for an intense sexual experience is likely.

Tantra for Women Workshops

The best way to experience tantra for women is within an environment that offers comfort, guidance, and education. Many people believe our bodies store emotion and memory, just as our brain does. Unfortunately, many women have suffered past trauma that limits their expression of their true selves, and suppresses Kundalini energy.

For those who have experienced healing through tantra, or awakened to a new sense of being, this affects every facet of their lives in a positive way.

Here are a few workshops that specialize in tantra for women.

4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra

Through 4 Freedoms Relationship Tantra workshops, Pala Copeland and Al Link teach the tantra way of loving and living. Sessions are for couples or women only. Some topics include:

  • "Awakening Your Goddess"
  • "Introduction to Tantric Lovemaking and Spiritual Relationships"
  • "Sexual Healing Series"
  • "Diving into Ecstasy"

Love Arts Foundation

Marcia Singer, MSW, is the founder and director of the Love Arts Foundation, which specializes in helping people achieve new levels of love, creative, and spiritual expression. Singer leads sessions in women's wisdom circles, sensual and sexual education, spiritual awakening and more.

Tantra for Women

Evalena Rose, M.A., is the founder of Tantra for Women, a center in Northern California that teaches singles and couples better intimacy, union, and communication. The workshops are designed for women only, men and women together, or women together. Subjects include:

  • "Compassionate Communication: Exploring Empathy"
  • "Erotic Energy and Intimate Communication"
  • "Creating Sacred Relationships"
  • "Deepening into Sacred Love through Tantra"
  • "Evoking Divine Passion"
  • "Sacred Intimacy and Tantric Arts"

Women's Sexuality Center

The Women's Sexuality Center, located in Santa Barbara, California, is "devoted to the sexual empowerment and fulfillment of women through education, healing, and support." Founder Pamela Madison teaches tantra and sexual empowerment programs both in private session and in workshops. Some topics include:

  • "Sacred Sexuality"
  • "Beloveds: Tantra for Couples"
  • "Libido Enhancement Program"

Before Taking a Workshop

It's natural to feel apprehensive about exploring tantra for women. Take time to research workshops, review testimonials, and speak with the workshop leader personally. Try a day or weekend session before advancing to weeklong classes. If you want to attend a women-only session, ask to be partnered with the workshop leader or assistant. Finally, prepare yourself for both a negative and positive release of emotion. Only then will you experience real healing and awakening.

Tantra for Women: Workshops for Guidance