7 Yoga for Bowel Obstruction Poses


Many people are looking for relief from constipation, and yoga positions to move bowels may help. Not only do specific yoga poses target this area of the body, but also yoga practice has an all-around relaxing and stress-reducing effect, which also helps alleviate constipation.

Yoga Positions to Move Bowels

All of the following yoga poses specifically target the abdominals and the lower back. These particular asanas strengthen and tone the muscles of the body's core, which increases blood flow to the region, benefiting not only the muscles, but also the organs. In addition, many of these poses align the core and massage the internal organs, all of which aids digestion and relieves constipation.

Seated Poses

Seated Spinal Twist: not only does this pose help to relieve current constipation, but it also aids with digestion. Practicing this pose daily, executing the pose on both sides, is a good first step towards a well-functioning digestive system and regular bowel movements.

Half Spinal Twist: since this is a less extreme posture than the Seated Spinal Twist, this pose is a good one to try if the full spinal twist was uncomfortable or difficult. While the Half Spinal Twist may not have as deep of a digestive effect as the full twist, the benefits for the digestive system are certainly present, especially with regular practice of the pose paired with deep breathing and relaxation.

Sage Twist: this one works a spinal area above where the other twists target, which can increase blood flow to the digestive system. Increased blood flow is a powerful way to address intestinal problems.

Bow Pose: starting from the position of lying on your stomach, this powerful backbend strengthens the back muscles, opens the front of the body, and massages the intestinal area. While the full Bow Pose is a difficult one, beginners can practice a modified Bow Pose that also has positive results.

Standing Poses

Warrior Pose: the many versions of warrior pose aid digestion and constipation by aligning all of the right muscles and organs in order to allow bowel movements. Rest assured that this pose won't have you running immediately to the bathroom in the middle of yoga class; it's a gentle aid that can have a cumulative effect over time.Triangle Pose: a forward bend and a spinal twist all in one, Triangle Pose is a powerful tool for digestive health. This pose massages the intestinal area, increases blood flow, opens the area and aligns it. Use a block to support your extended arm if the full version of the pose is too advanced, and you will still reap the benefits of this pose.

Downward Facing Dog Pose: an extremely common yoga pose, Down Dog aid digestion, especially if the practitioner is aligned properly in the pose. Check your form with your instructor to ensure that your alignment allows you to reap maximal benefits from this pose.

Relieving Constipation with Yoga

All of these yoga positions to move bowels are powerful tools for reducing constipation. It is also important to note that regular yoga practice can have an equally positive effect for overall wellness. Yoga works the body as a whole, and much like taking a brisk walk can help encourage a bowel movement, so can a good yoga session.

For the most comfortable experience, practice yoga on a (nearly) empty stomach, and make sure that you are well hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration is a common culprit in constipation, as is a diet low in fiber.

For best results, eat a healthy diet, stay hydrated, practice yoga several times a week, and don't forget to work the above poses into your yoga practice.

7 Yoga for Bowel Obstruction Poses