Vijayalaxmi Kinhal, M.E.S., B.S.Ag

Vijayalaxmi Kinhal, M.E.S., B.S.Ag

Vijayalaxmi Kinhal is an ecologist. Her deep connection to nature pervades her life choices. In her career of more than 25 years, she has expertise through practical experience in organic farming and trade, research in tropical forests, land restoration, and environment protection in India. 

Freelance Science Writer Career

As a freelancer, Vijayalaxmi has written about sustainability, organic agriculture, climate change, geography, and alternative energy. Earlier she covered forests, bio-architecture, and green living for reports and grant proposals as part of her management duties in the non-profit sector.

Vijayalaxmi uses her writing to bring information generated by scientific studies to the public sphere.

Organic Science Background

Vijayalaxmi studied Agriculture (B.Sc.), and Ecology and Environment Sciences (M.S.), looking for a way to engage and work with nature. During the latter, she got her first introduction to permaculture through talks and a farm demonstration by Masanobu Fukuoka, the founder of natural farming.

Concentrated on Organic Cultivation and Trade

In the light of Vijayalaxmi's interest in patterns of organization of plants, she realized that natural farming seems to be an economic system of cultivation that is closest to natural ecosystems. This led her to take up organic cultivation and trade. She has also promoted organic farming through consultancy and her writing.

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