Free Catalogs for Maternity Clothes

Shopping for maternity clothes

Fill out a few online forms or call company's 1-800 numbers to receive free catalogs for maternity clothes so you can shop when and where you want while you are pregnant.

Maternity Catalogs vs. Internet and In-Store Shopping

It may sound silly to order a maternity catalog online when most retailers have web storefronts all ready set up, often with more clothing options and more sales than a catalog can offer. However, some situations may call for a catalog rather than the Internet. Some reasons to use a catalog instead of buying online include:

  • Having an option to phone in or even mail in an order with a check.
  • Being able to flip through a catalog while waiting for a prenatal check-up.
  • Sitting in whatever chair you want, or even laying down, to look at the catalog.
  • Not having access to a private computer for ordering.
  • Having a slow internet connection, making finding clothes a time consuming chore.

Picking up a catalog can be easier than running to the store, too. First of all, swollen pregnant feet can make walking around the mall painful. In the winter, weather may be poor, making it difficult to get to a maternity store. Women who woe shopping in general may find that figuring out their size in a particular brand /store makes it a lot less stressful to order through a catalog than stay and try on a lot of clothes.

Free Catalogs for Maternity Clothes

A catalog for just about any kind of maternity clothing you may need is available. From maternity jeans to designer maternity dresses, you can find everything you need in a catalog.

Of course, you are not limited to catalogs you find online. Be sure to ask baby boutiques, maternity clothing stores, and even department stores if they offer free catalogs for maternity clothes. If you have a favorite brand, call their customer support line to find out if they offer a free maternity catalog. And do not forget to call on resources right in front of you--ask friends and relatives if they received any free maternity catalogs while they were pregnant and how they got them.

Maternity Catalog Tips

Ordering from a maternity catalog has few differences from ordering from other catalogs. One big difference may be sizing information. Some might request you order your pre-pregnancy size, while others have their own charts. For example, Isabella Oliver sizing only goes from 0-6. But in reality, those sizes fit American sizes 0-18. Reading the size chart is extremely important.

Other tips to remember include:

  • Check on shipping and handling costs.
  • Read the return policy carefully-items like panties may not be returnable.
  • Find out how long the expected shipping time is on items you need right away.
  • When in doubt, buy it a little bigger; chances are you will grow into the size by the end of your pregnancy.

Catalogs are often done seasonally. If you find yourself needing maternity clothes for two seasons, like winter and spring, and are not automatically mailed the catalog, contact customer service to have the next one mailed to you.

No matter what kind of maternity fashions you prefer to wear during your nine months, a catalog is available to help you shop whenever, wherever you prefer.


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Free Catalogs for Maternity Clothes