Shop for Your Own Stylish Hospital Maternity Gowns

Pregnant woman in labor at hospital

Maternity hospital gowns are not traditionally known for their attractive style but exciting new designs promise to help expectant mothers to deliver in style. Trendy designs and comfortable fabrics make these maternity gowns superior to generic hospital wear.

Generic Hospital Gowns

Any new mother can attest that labor and delivery is exhausting, messy, and hectic. Generic hospital maternity gowns are often used, tattered, and oversized. They may fail to stay in place and many new mothers find themselves struggling with the garments to stay covered, both in the back and in front. Nursing mothers may grapple with the gown during feedings.

None of this is appealing when friends and family members are circulating excited to see the new baby, but there are some benefits to using the hospital garments.

  • The hospital gowns are free
  • Patients don't have to worry about stains and messes
  • A generous supply allows for frequent changes

Expectant mothers may need to change gowns a couple times each day, depending on their specific circumstances. Buying maternity hospital gowns may not be practical in all situations but it can be of great benefit for many new moms, especially when you consider the following:

  • Moms choose the color and style of the gowns
  • They can select preferred fabrics
  • Gowns may be chosen according to specific needs
  • Wearing familiar clothing can be more relaxing than wearing generic garments
  • Expectant mothers can wear the gowns at home before and after delivery

Wearing something that is comfortable and familiar can be very helpful, especially if the new mom feels as attractive in the garments as she does wearing maternity nightgowns. In addition, some women may associate the generic gowns with previous visits to the hospital, some of which may conjure unpleasant memories of traumatic events.

Choosing Maternity Hospital Gowns

Choosing gowns for a stay in the maternity ward is much like shopping for maternity clothes. The garment is worn for a short time but it can be well worth the investment. Style is among the appealing qualities to look for, but the gowns have many other features to offer that shoppers can keep in mind while browsing through their options.

Finding a Great Fit

Snaps or other fasteners are essential for convenience and comfort. Frequent exams and feedings can make the fasteners among the most important features to consider. They should have a strong hold to keep from popping open but they should be easy enough to open to allow for quick access. The fasteners should be attached to the back as well as the front to ensure complete coverage.

Hospital Maternity Gown Selection

Make a stay in the maternity ward comfortable by choosing a stylish garment. Many different patterns and colors are available and new moms have the opportunity to find a gown that suits their personal tastes.


Gownies by Baby Be Mine are made of 100 percent cotton and they come in a wide range of patterns and colors. The gowns have snaps on the front and back that promise complete coverage. The garments are available in small-medium and large-extra large.


The hospital gowns at Jmommies can be worn before, during, and after the hospital stay. Made with comfortable fabrics, these gowns are very appealing, and they're available in over a dozen colors and gorgeous patterns.

Jiji Maternity

Jiji Maternity offers made-to-order hospital gowns on Etsy. Described as a transitional, these garments are comfortable enough and pretty enough to wear during and after delivery. The gowns are made in your choice of the fabric swatches pictured.

Comfortable Deliveries

Having a baby is a powerful experience and many expecting parents prepare by packing essentials for the little one. Preparing for the event can also include gathering items for the mother that have all the comforts of home. Maternity hospital gowns may complete the list of necessities.

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Shop for Your Own Stylish Hospital Maternity Gowns