A Snapshot of Life at 29 Weeks Pregnant

29 weeks

From fatigue to constipation, week 29 brings more pregnancy symptoms. However, now that you're in the third trimester, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Getting ready for the big day can help take your mind off some of the unpleasant aspects of this part of pregnancy.

Your Baby's Development

By week 29, your baby now weighs about two and a half pounds and is over 15 inches long. According to the Mayo Clinic, the big development for this week is in your baby's bones. While the bones are still softer and more flexible than they will be during the adult years, they are now completely formed. The flexibility is important for the birth process, but the bones will continue to harden throughout infancy and childhood.

Your Changing Body

baby at 29 weeks pregnant

The American Pregnancy Association reports that most women have gained between 19 and 25 pounds by week 29. At this time, you can feel the top of your uterus about 4 inches above your navel.


During the third trimester, your baby undergoes a period of great growth and development. This may cause you to feel increasingly fatigued, much like in the first trimester. To maintain your energy levels, make sure your diet includes plenty of calcium, iron, protein, folic acid, and vitamin C. You may also want to arrange your schedule to allow for a brief midday nap or a slightly earlier bedtime.


While constipation is common during the early weeks of pregnancy, some women experience this problem during the third trimester. While laxative pills and mineral oils are not safe for use during pregnancy, you can use over-the-counter remedies such as Metamucil or Colace to relieve your symptoms. Increasing your fluid intake, adding high fiber foods to your diet, and regularly engaging in moderate forms of exercise can help prevent future problems.


If you're expecting multiples, it's especially important to be aware of the symptoms of preeclampsia during your third trimester. While preeclampsia only occurs in a small portion of pregnancies, the Mayo Clinic reports that it is more common in women who are expecting multiples. If you notice severe abdominal pain, headaches, visual disturbances, or a sudden increase in swelling, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

More to Know About Week 29 of Your Pregnancy

Now that you're in the final months of your pregnancy, it's a good time to begin preparing for the big day. Many women choose to have everything ready a couple of months before the baby is born. That way, you won't have added stress if your little one arrives early.

Pack a Bag for the Hospital

packing a bag

Keep a small bag packed and ready to grab if you have to head to the hospital. Here are a few things you may want to include:

  • Your birth plan
  • Relaxation tools, such as massage oil, music, photographs, and other items
  • A nursing bra
  • Slippers and a robe
  • Loose-fitting clothing to wear home
  • An outfit for the baby to wear home
  • Bath gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other personal care items

Arrange for Child Care

printable pregnancy calendar
Download this pregnancy calendar

If you have an older child, this is a good time to arrange for someone to take care of him or her while you're giving birth. Post the number of a friend or family member somewhere handy, so you can call for help night or day.

Keep the Gas Tank Full

Make sure your car always has plenty of gas in it. That way, you won't have to worry about stopping for fuel if your little one is getting ready to arrive.

Make a List of Numbers

You'll want to share your news on the big day, but you won't want to search through your address book to find everyone's phone number. Make a call list, either on paper or on your phone, to be sure you don't forget anyone.

If you need help downloading the pregnancy calendar, check out these helpful tips.

Looking Forward

Your baby is growing and changing all the time, and soon, you'll be holding your little one in your arms. This is a great time to prepare for the big day, so you can remove some of the stress and enjoy this special moment in your life.

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A Snapshot of Life at 29 Weeks Pregnant