Momentous Changes Going on at 30 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Calendar Week 30

It's perfectly normal to feel some mood instability during week 30 of your pregnancy. Understanding where these feelings come from and using some relaxation techniques to cope can help you enjoy this portion of your pregnancy.

Your Baby's Development


If you're feeling tense, you may want to consider learning more about various relaxation techniques. In addition to helping you cope with your feelings about your baby's impending arrival, relaxation techniques can be used to provide natural pain relief during labor. While prenatal yoga is one of the most popular ways to promote relaxation, many other exercises can help you learn to regulate your emotional state better.

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One basic physical relaxation technique requires that you lay down in a comfortable position. Then, simply close your eyes and concentrate on alternately tensing and relaxing the various parts of your body. Begin with your toes and work your way up to the top of your body.

Mental relaxation techniques focus more on clearing your mind. To practice this form of relaxation, sit in a comfortable position and concentrate on following the pattern of your breathing. Try to empty your mind of any unpleasant thoughts. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth until you feel completely relaxed.

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Looking Forward

With only about ten more weeks to go, your pregnancy is drawing to a close. Keep taking great care of yourself and asking your doctor or midwife about any questions or concerns you have. Soon, you'll get to meet that baby!

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Momentous Changes Going on at 30 Weeks Pregnant