Candida Skin Moles


Many women have had to contend with candida-based yeast infections, also known as thrush, but few are aware that one can also develop candida skin moles. These will be unattractive, but are fortunately not as dangerous as a serious candida problem under the skin, and in most cases can be treated without a trip to the doctor.

What Are Candida Skin Moles?

The fungus, candida albicans, is a lot more prevalent than most people know and is present in almost everyone, but only a few people will suffer problems from it. For most of the sufferers, a candida imbalance will result in a yeast infection found in either the vagina, the mouth or both. Many prefer to treat this version of candida with holistic supplements and some dietary changes, such as a decrease in sugar consumption. Once candida is identified as a problem, it can be kept in check with some lifestyle adjustments.

The candida skin moles, however, have a more virulent origin in deep-organ candida, and this can manifest on any part of the body. It is more likely to be seen in people with suppressed or otherwise compromised immune systems, most likely due to disease, or those who are taking a course of antibiotics. If they occur in the mouth, they will be white and have a creamy quality. Moles inside the vagina will be red and inflamed and there will be a sensation of itchiness and burning. In addition to moles, candida anywhere on the skin will take the form of a rash that is red, raised and sometimes scaly.

Women are not the only ones prone to candida. Babies can develop a candida rash and men have been known to suffer from candida on the genitals as well.

When to Seek Treatment

While candida skin moles are unattractive at best, candida that manifests only on the skin is not dangerous and can usually be treated with an over the counter medication. If the candida is present on internal organs, however, it can cause damage that will begin with fever, chills and anemia and spread further, becoming much more dangerous. If you suspect you are suffering this form of candida, see a doctor immediately.

Treating Candida Skin Moles

Prevention is first and foremost in the treatment of candida moles. If you know you are prone to them, you want to keep your skin clean, dry and as free from abrasions as possible, thus eliminating an easy breeding ground for the fungus.

When the candida moles on the skin are present, the best way to treat them is with anti-fungal medications like Femizole-7 and Monistat-Derm. For moles on and around the vagina, choose anti-fungals like Monistat Vagina, Vagistat Vagina or Gyne-Lotrimin. You may prefer to take an oral medication for vaginal candida, rather than hassle with the creams. Cleanliness and maintaining dryness is paramount. It is preferable to wear all natural cotton underwear for maximum breathability - again, giving the bacteria less of an opportunity to grow.

Preventing Candida With Diet

Naturopaths, nutritionists and other holistic-based medical practitioners all advocate a diet low in yeast and white, processed sugar so as to keep the candida levels down. It can be best to consult a nutritionist when preparing a strict candida diet, but you can begin by limiting carbohydrates to no more than 60 grams a day. This, however, is dependent on a number of factors, which is why you should consult a professional. The emphasis is on more meat and non-starchy vegetables. You especially want to avoid foods that promote yeast, which besides sugars include bread made with yeast, cheese, tomato paste and mushrooms. Many people find that they can eventually reincorporate these foods into their diets. The key to managing candida is paying attention and understanding one's body. It can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be debilitating.

Candida Skin Moles