Angry Face Pictures

Telltale Signs

When you are looking at pictures angry faces, it's easy to see that these people are upset because anger is generally expressed in universal ways. Furrowed brows, deep frowns or scowls and looks of aggression can all be accurate signs of anger on a person's face. Learn how to recognize various signs of anger.

Eye Rolling

Anger presents itself in different ways for different people. Eye rolling, for example, is one sign of anger often expressed by children and adults. In some cases, this expression may convey annoyance or boredom, while in others it can be an overt display of anger indicating the person is stifling a more disruptive response.


By definition, a glare is a "fierce or angry stare". When someone is staring intently at you with a look of displeasure in his or her eyes, chances are good that the expression indicates an angry response.

Clenching Eyes Shut

Many people attempt to stifle anger, whether because they find themselves in a situation where it would be inappropriate to convey anger or because they are simply not comfortable with displaying strong emotions. A person who clenches his eyes shut and places his hands over his ears or mouth may well be showing the signs of attempting to suppress anger.

Furrowing Eyebrows

When a person is angry, the middle of her eyebrows often lowers, causing the brows to slope toward the center of the face.

Narrowing Lips

When people are angry, they often narrow their lips. This can indicate disapproval or an effort to attempt to avoid speaking out in anger without first thinking things through.

Clenched Jaw

Angry people often clench their jaws. This can be a physiological fight or flight reaction, or an effort to keep from screaming.

Flushing Skin

Flushing, which is indicated by a person's face and/or neck suddenly turning red, can be a sign of anger. This type of flush may appear all at once, or start at the neck and creep upwards.

Involuntary Reaction

Interestingly, people do not have to understand anger in order to display angry facial expressions. Babies are a great example; they do not necessarily understand the concept of being angry, but their facial expressions and body posture when angry are undeniably telltale.

Signs May Vary

The facial signs of anger may vary from one person to another and situation by situation. What you interpret as anger may well be stress, frustration, anxiety, disgust or another emotion. Watch for signs, but interpret them in the context of the relationship and the specific circumstances you are facing.

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Angry Face Pictures