Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You Something?

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Whether you've dreamt of something bizarre like a giant pink bunny chasing you around town or mundane like being late for work, your nightly reveries are trying to tell you something. Now you have two choices: You can ignore 'em and roam obliviously through life, or you can reflect on your dreams' messages and use 'em to your advantage.

Dream Symbols Warning Against Your Bad Behavior

Your dreams won't hesitate to tell you that your behavior stinks, and they don't give a flying monkey whether you like it or not! Keep an eye out for the following dream symbols and consider changing your tune.


The presence of a hedgehog may indicate that you've been exhibiting poor manners or "nastiness," according to Pamela Ball, author of The A to Z of Dream Interpretation. A little common courtesy would be nice - just saying!

Getting Arrested

You've been up to no darn good if you dream of being handcuffed by the authorities. According to The Complete Idiot's Guide Dream Dictionary by Eve Adamson, getting arrested may indicate that you've done something immoral and - deep down inside - you know you should face the consequences.


Have you been dreaming about being constipated? No worries, your - er - secrete will stay with us! When you're having trouble with number two, it symbolizes your inability to let go of the past. Your situations sounds crappy, but with a little push, you can relieve yourself of this heavy load.


If you notice a mouse in your dreams, this might be a nod to your timidity and feebleness. You are being advised to stop tucking your tail in between your legs and muster up some courage and fearlessness for your benefit.

Driving Recklessly

If you're driving like an absolute nut in your dreams, Ball says that this is an indicator of irresponsibility. Your dreams are telling you to be more of - well - an adult.


It's great that you're strutting your stuff à la America's Next Top Model, but once you find out the dream symbolism behind your little catwalk, you might be left doing the walk of shame. According to Michael Vigo's What's in Your Dream, catwalking can signify the dreamer is relying too heavily on his or her looks to accomplish a goal. "You need to start looking within yourself," Vigo advises.

Dream Symbols Representing Life Changes

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Dream pundits, like Vigo, often point to butterflies as an omen that the dreamer is undergoing a major transitional stage, but there are other symbols of great life changes you should know about.


Should you dream of an airplane taking off, according to Dream Dictionary penned by Tony Crisp, this can symbolize a dramatic, sudden life change. It's unexpected, and you are encouraged to - er - wing it when life wants to fly you to new heights.

Teeth Falling Out

If you have enough teeth falling out that would bankrupt the tooth fairy, Ball says your dreams may be telling you that you are maturing into a new developmental life stage. For example, you may be transitioning from adulthood to old age.


When this wily lizard, known to change its skin color in concordance with its environment, pops up in your dream, the message is clear: You'll need to learn to adapt to your surroundings as a result of a transforming climate, according to Adamson.


Aah! It's the end of the world as you know it! While you're dodging deadly locusts in this nightmare of yours, your dream, according to Ball, is trying to tell you that you'll need conviction and confidence to power through some oppressive, wearisome changes coming your way. Hold on tight!


The next time you spot a bridge in your dream, observe its condition. Is it sturdy? Flimsy? While a bridge also denotes a period of growth and progression, the appearance of the bridge will tell you how well you're doing with such an important passage in your life. If the bridge is durable, you are well-supported on your way to the other side. If the bridge looks like it'll collapse at any moment, this mirrors your feelings about this turning point in your life.

Dream Symbols Indicating Emotional Instability

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There's a reason why you should never go to bed angry. Your dreams will be sure to let you have it with nightmarish developments that will have you begging to be pinched awake. But it's important to be mindful of what's occurring in your dream; the following symbols will give you some insight into what kind of negative emotions are bubbling up in your subconscious.

Inability to Pay a Debt

If you can't even shell out a red cent to pay a debt in your dream, chances are high that in your waking life you are all out of emotional or mental resources to give, Ball says.


If you've had the unfortunate and uncomfortable experience of having your last gulp of air before being submerged under water, your dream is telling you that you've been feeling emotionally overwhelmed these days, according to K.O. Morgan's The Young Adult's Guide to Dream Interpretation. Take a breather and allow yourself to find a peace of mind.


Thunder, lightning, and rain, oh my! If a storm's a'brewin' in your dream, Ball explains that the dreamer is seething with anger and experiencing emotional outbursts.

Nuclear Bomb

If the dreammakers decide to unleash a nuclear bomb in your late night reverie, you may be feeling fearful about a life-changing circumstance that is looming around the corner, according to Adamson.


There you are, walking in the hot, blazing sun, trudging over sand dunes in the desert. What does it all mean? There's a possibility that your dream is pointing out how lonely and emotionally unsatisfied you feel.

Dream Symbols Portraying Unsavory Characters

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Unfortunately, we all have to deal with fools and foes in our waking lives, but sometimes we have no idea who's being genuine and who's a wolf in sheep's clothing. But no worries, your dreams can shed light on who's hiding behind a mask.


No one likes a rat! You do not want to see this rodent skittering around your dreams. Not only can they represent illness and poverty, but they can also indicate someone who is planning on being a guileful little tattle-tale, according to The Dream Dictionary for Dummies by Penney Peirce. Wolves, hyenas, and foxes, according to Ball, are other sneaky little buggers you should keep a watchful eye over.


Beware of helicopter parents when you see big ol' scary bear growling in your dreams! Bears are symbolic of an overpowering, possessive mother or father who simply won't let you live.


If a rooster appears in your dreams, according to Peirce, there's an indication that there's someone in your life who thinks that their eggs don't stink! This person is out cock-a-doodling and sticking their beak up in the air, being a cocky little fowl. Don't give this person anymore attention than you were already giving 'em.


If an attempt was made on your life while you tried to sleep in peace, according to Adamson, someone in your waking life is trying to "shoot down" your ambitions and stifle your motivations to succeed.


It's not just any deer you'll need to keep an eye out for, it's the dead ones that are deemed to be inauspicious. According to Peirce, when you bump into a cadaverous deer, a good friend of yours has betrayed you.


You might need to unleash a "hiss" for this one! If you dream of multiple cats, Adamson says, your lover might be cheating on you.

Dream Symbols Signifying Warnings and Omens

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In the literature of dream interpretation, there is a vast array of foreboding symbols that supposedly foretell a future event. Do dreams have precognitive powers? No one knows for sure, but you'll want to know about a few omens - y'know, just in case!

Bell Tolling

Beware. If you witness a bell tolling in the distance, Ball says that there is a possibility of disaster or death in your waking life.

Net or a Web

Catch yourself tangled in a net or a web and, according to Morgan, there's a likelihood that you'll find yourself in a sticky situation in real life where you'll feel trapped and hindered from freedom.


If you're single and tired of mingling, good news! Seeing a horseshoe in your dreams foreshadows a romantic commitment. It may also indicate a marriage in your family or social circle, Ball says.

Swallowing Your Own Teeth

Eek! You'd think that swallowing teeth couldn't possibly lead to anything good, but according to Ball, such an odd occurrence predicts that a beautiful bundle of joy is on the horizon.


If you've been worrying about completing a project, and you dream about knitting, all is well! Things will come along just fine and fulfillment is right around the corner.


Observe an eclipse in your dreams and, according to Adamson, keep an eye out for a disastrous world event that might be approaching your life in the near future. But the good thing is that while dark times are ahead, things will come back to normal quicker than expected.

Dream On

In your lifetime, you'll spend about six years dreaming - six! Don't waste it all away by making your dreams an afterthought! Whether they're introspective or precognitive, you can use your reveries to become more cognizant of who you are and where your life is headed.

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