What Does the Color Turquoise Mean in Dreams?

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When you sleep, your mind processes events of the day and allows you to work out emotional or mental issues subconsciously. However, this communication isn't as straightforward as you would imagine. Instead, sometimes your subconscious communicates with you symbolically in your dreams, using images like colors, animals, or other symbols.

Turquoise in Dreams

The color turquoise may appear in your dreams in different forms. For example, someone may be wearing a turquoise shirt, you may see turquoise flowers, you may see shapes in that color, or you might notice bright turquoise waters. In such dreams, both the color and the object are significant and symbolic, and typically the color will further describe the other object.

For example, if you see clear, smooth turquoise waters, then the water represents your state of emotions (smooth means your emotions are clear and calm, turbulent may represent more tumultuous emotions). In that case, the color turquoise then tells you more about those emotions.

Turquoise Meanings

Various sources cite different meanings for the color turquoise. None are right or wrong, necessarily, so when you are interpreting your dream, it's important to see which meaning resonates with you.


The popular dream interpretation website Dream Moods notes turquoise is a healing symbol. In his book, Dream Images and Symbols: A Dictionary, dream expert Kevin Todeschi agrees, noting that turquoise, which is a blend of blue and green, is associated with healing or nurturing.

Clues that the dream may be about healing might include other healing symbols, such as a doctor, nurse, a tranquil sea, or a hospital. Or, the dream may just feel warm and nurturing, leaving you feeling soothed and comforted. In this case, the context of the dream is just as important as the color turquoise in helping you ascertain if this is what the dream is about.


Another clue to the meaning of turquoise in a dream can come from the gemstone itself, which is the same blue-green color. Crystals for Healing notes that this gemstone helps with communication via its association with the throat chakra. Therefore, if turquoise appears in your dream, it may symbolize the need to communicate more clearly, or it may suggest that you feel someone else isn't communicating well with you. Look for other clues in the dream to help you discern the meaning more clearly.

For example, if you are speaking on a turquoise telephone, then the dream is clearly about communication. On the other hand, if you are shouting at someone in a turquoise shirt, and they can't seem to hear what you are saying no matter how loud you speak, the dream may be indicating you feel you are not communicating clearly or the other person isn't really hearing you. If someone with turquoise eyes is speaking but you can't hear or understand them, then the dream may be indicating you feel the other person is communicating poorly, or that you are unwilling or unable to hear what they are trying to tell you.

Blocked Emotion

Dream Moods also notes that if the dream has a negative feel to it, then you may be experiencing an emotional blockage, or that you may be shutting down emotionally. Turbulent water, as previously mentioned, may be a clue that there is an emotional meaning to turquoise in this dream. For example, maybe you see a turquoise boat on a choppy sea or a raging river. This would suggest you have turbulent emotions, but that you are suppressing them and not allowing yourself to experience them. Other clues may be the presence of another person in the dream about whom you have conflicted emotions, or that the dream is a nightmare.

Context Is Important

While colors in dreams are significant, the context in which they appear is equally important. That's why if you want to interpret your dreams, it's important you try to recall as much detail as possible. To do this, write your dreams in a journal including all the details you can remember just as soon as you are able to do so. The dream is likely to fade quickly, so if you wait too long to put it in writing you may miss key symbols to help put your dream in context. Then, listen to your intuition as you evaluate the symbols, finding the interpretation that makes the most sense to you.

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What Does the Color Turquoise Mean in Dreams?