What Does the Color Turquoise Mean in Dreams?

Updated September 15, 2022
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When you sleep, your mind processes the events of the day. Resting allows you to work out emotional or mental struggles subconsciously, and you might just find that you have a new perspective on the situation when you wake up.

However, it can be complicated to interpret a dream and uncover just what the symbols, colors, and numbers are trying to tell you. Have you been seeing the color turquoise in your dreams lately? It might be a sign to take a closer look at your needs and emotions, as well as how you are communicating these aspects to others.

The Meaning of the Color Turquoise in a Dream

The color turquoise may appear in your dreams in different forms. For example, someone may be wearing a turquoise shirt, you may see turquoise flowers, or you might notice bright turquoise waters. In dreams, both the color and the object are significant and symbolic. In addition, the color in particular enhances your understanding of the object itself.

Woman hands on clear turquoise water

For example, imagine that you dream of smooth turquoise water. The water may represent your state of emotions with the smoothness reflecting your sense of calm, while more turbulent water may represent more heightened emotions. In that case, the color of the water you dream of can tell you more about those specific emotions.

Various sources cite different meanings for the color turquoise in dreams. When you are interpreting your dream, it's important to see which meaning resonates with you and aligns with wherever you are at in life.


According to Dream Moods, a dream interpretation website used by dream experts, turquoise is a healing symbol. In his book, Dream Images and Symbols: A Dictionary, dream expert Kevin Todeschi agrees, noting that turquoise, a blend of blue and green, is associated with healing or nurturing.

Clues that the dream may be about healing might include other healing symbols. For example, your dream might have also included images of a doctor, nurse, or hospital. Or, the dream may just feel warm and nurturing, leaving you feeling soothed and comforted. In this case, the context and the content of the dream are just as important as the color turquoise in helping you uncover what it is about.


Another clue to the meaning of turquoise in a dream can come from the blue-green gemstone itself. The book Crystals for Healing notes that turquoise helps with communication because it is associated with the throat chakra.

Therefore, if turquoise appears in your dream, it may symbolize the need to communicate more clearly, or that you feel someone else isn't communicating well with you. Look for other clues in the dream to help you discern the meaning more clearly.

Woman In Turquoise Sitting On The Grass

For example, if you are speaking on a turquoise telephone in your dream, then it may be about communication. Or, if you are shouting at someone in a turquoise shirt, and they can't seem to hear you, the dream may indicate someone in your life is unwilling to listen to what they are trying to say.

Blocked Emotion

Did your dream have a negative feeling to it? Dream Moods notes that if a dream is paired with negative emotions, then you may be experiencing an emotional blockage or shutting down emotionally.

For example, maybe you see a turquoise boat on a choppy sea or a raging river. This may suggest you have turbulent emotions, but that you are trying to push through them instead of allowing yourself to experience them. Another clue to look for is the presence of another person in your dream whom you may have strong or conflicting emotions towards.

How to Find Meaning in Your Turquoise Dream

While colors in dreams are significant, the context in which they appear is equally important. If you want to interpret your dreams, it's important to try and recall as many details as possible. Who else was in your dream? Were there other colors that you remember? Where did the dream take place? Is this a reccurring dream?

Ask yourself these questions and write down as much as you can remember in a journal. Your memory of the dream and its details are likely to fade quickly, so try and find the time to write as soon as you wake up to include as much context as possible. Then, reflect on what you have written. Listen to your intuition as you evaluate the symbols and find the interpretation that makes the most sense to you.

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What Does the Color Turquoise Mean in Dreams?