What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders?

Updated October 6, 2022
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Dreams can contain all kinds of furry and fuzzy creatures and insects. You might dream that your cat can talk to you, or that you've finally ridden a horse just like you've always wanted. And, sometimes, you might even dream of creepy, crawly spiders.

Spiders in dreams can have various interpretations depending on a number of factors. For example, your personal and cultural associations with the arachnids can play a role, as well as whether you fear them or love them. The more contextual clues you gather from your dream, the more they can help you arrive at a meaning about what it means when you dream about spiders.

The Possible Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

There's not a singular or definitive answer to point to when exploring the interpretation of a spider or spider web that may appear in dreams. However, you can examine aspects of your personal associations with the critters, as well as emotions triggered by your dream to help you gain better insight as to the meaning of your dream.

Dreams are often filled with symbolism and hidden meanings. For example, specific colors and certain numbers that appear in your unconscious mind might be linked to other aspects of your life. Try and gather as much information as you can from your dreams, especially if they are recurring. According to Dream Moods, a dream interpretation site used by dream experts, you can look to the following possible interpretations of what it means to see spiders in your dreams to find which elements are the best fit for you.

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You Have Difficulty With a Female Figure

Spiders can also represent feminine figures or empowerment. If you see a spider in your dream it might be a sign that you are seeking a new mentor or friend in your waking life that can support you. It might also mean that you are already surrounded by empowering women or be a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

When you see a spider in a dream, it can also symbolize an overbearing mother figure that may be present in your waking life. For example, maybe your own parent, a mother-in-law, or a mentor has been offering more advice than usual about one or more aspects of your personal life. Or, maybe you recently got into a disagreement with one of these individuals and your surrounding thoughts have carried over into your unconscious.

You Feel Like an Outsider

Seeing a spider in your dream can symbolize that you feel like an outsider in your waking life. Spiders are often thought of as solitary creatures and live their lives independently from other creatures. If fact, they often fly under the radar until they crawl out of the drain when you try to run a bath or spin a web right next to your mailbox.

How did you feel in your dream itself? How did you feel afterward? If you felt ambiguous or isolated, it might be a sign that you are experiencing periods of loneliness or difficulties in your waking life. Or, it might represent that you feel like an outsider in some way in your current stage of life.

You Are Afraid of Becoming Trapped

It's no secret that spiders use their webs to attract and trap prey. If you see a spider or spiderweb in your dream, it might be a sign that you are trying to avoid being captured by some element of your waking life.

For example, you might be worried that you are being attracted to unhealthy relationships with friends or partners that can make you feel stuck in unhelpful patterns of behavior. Or, you might fear that you will be caught in a web of lies due to some elements of your waking life that you keep hidden from others.

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These aspects can make you feel like you are trapped and stuck in a spider's web, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the spider itself to devour you and make you face the consequences. Look to the context clues of your dream to help you uncover what aspects of your life might be making you feel trapped.

You Might Experience Bad Luck

Did you kill a spider in your dream? A superstitious interpretation says that this might be bad luck. Whether you accidentally stepped on a spider or set it ablaze with a flame thrower in your subconscious mind, it might be a sign of misfortune. Maybe you are currently facing a stroke of bad luck, or the dream is meant to foreshadow some bad luck that lies ahead.

However, if you come across a spider in your dream that was already dead, it isn't associated with bad luck. In fact, if your dream includes a dead spider, it might symbolize that you have overcome some form of temptation in your waking life. Which, is actually a sign of good luck and resilience.

Your Hard Work Has Paid Off

Spiders and spider webs often go hand in hand. If you dreamt of a spider spinning a web in your dream, it might be a sign that you have been hard at work and are approaching your goals. It takes a lot of diligent work for a spider to weave the perfect place to call home, and in a similar fashion, the efforts you have put into your waking life are nearing a big payoff.

For example, maybe you have been saving up to buy a home and you are nearing your collection goal. Or, maybe you have been working really hard at your job and a promotion is in your future due to your extra efforts. Reflect on the elements of your daily life to gain more insight into the symbolism.

You Long for Creative Fulfillment

Not only do spiders spin webs, but they create works of art in the process. Their web designs are intricate and beautiful, and, to the human eye, they take a lot of creativity to put together. For these reasons, seeing a spider in a dream can also symbolize creativity.

Maybe you are in the midst of a creative pursuit that feels fulfilling or that is nearing finished. Or, maybe you are longing for some creative fulfillment in your waking life that you have been ignoring due to other responsibilities.

You Are Ready to Take Control

Have you ever dreamed about eating a spider or having one crawl into your mouth? As alarming as that visual might have been, it may actually represent something positive.

For example, many believe that if you bite or eat a spider in your dream that it's a sign of bravery. It can show that you are ready and able to conquer your fears. In addition, it can reflect that you are ready to take control of a situation in your work or personal life that you may have been putting off.

You Feel Anxious

Some people have an intense fear of spiders, known as arachnophobia. However, you don't have to be diagnosed with a phobia to know that you have a fear of spiders. If spiders give you the creepy crawlies, and you see one in your dream, it might represent your fears or anxieties.

For example, maybe you saw a spider during the day that was frightening, and those uncomfortable feelings and thoughts are still at the forefront of your mind. Or, maybe you have been feeling anxious lately for one reason or another, and these sensations have put your body and mind on high alert.

Pay attention to how you felt in your dream. Were you anxious in your dream? Did you feel the same way you would feel in real life if you saw a spider? If so, use context clues from your dream and reflect on your waking life to uncover elements that might be causing you to worry.

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Find Meaning in Your Spider Dream

Dreaming of spiders can tell you a lot about what's going on in your subconscious mind. Maybe you're feeling anxious, trapped, or ready to find your next creative outlet.

Pay attention to as many elements of your dream as possible to help give you the best idea of the symbolism behind the dream. You can also reflect on a dream dictionary to uncover the meanings behind other elements in your dream that can give you even more clarity. There's no one size fits all response to what a spider dream may mean, but you can look to your waking life, as well as your thoughts and feelings about the dream, to uncover what it means to you.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Spiders?