Where to Find Chantix Coupons


Chantix helps smokers quit smoking. The medication acts on receptors in your brain in the same way nicotine does, giving you the sensation that you smoked without having to light up. It can be an expensive drug, but you can sometimes find discounts available online and at your doctor's office.

Physician's Office Coupons

The best place to look for Chantix coupons is at your doctor's office. Pfizer representatives make routine visits to many offices and may drop off new coupons. Your doctor will most likely not call you to let you know, so be sure to call him or her and ask every month.

Chantix Savings Card

Visit the Chantix website and you'll find out about a discount card that saves you a decent amount of money. If your prescription copay costs less than $115, you can get your Chantix for $40 or less. If your copay costs are more than $115 or you don't have insurance, you will save $75 per refill. You must present the card at the pharmacy along with your health insurance card, if applicable.

Free Discount Card

Visit Free Drug Card and fill out the short prescription discount card form to receive one in the mail good for savings up to 75% off of your medication. You simply take your card to a participating pharmacy such as CVS, Winn Dixie, Eckerd Drugs, etc., and receive Chantix at a reduced cost.

Manufacturer Charity Programs

Many manufacturers will offer special drug programs for people in need. If you have a limited income or lack insurance, contact the manufacturer to see if there is any financial assistance available. Complete the Pfizer Helpful Answers Questionnaire to determine your eligibility for assistance.

The Cost of Quitting Saves You Money Later

Even though Chantix is expensive, the money you will save from not buying cigarettes will pay for the medication many times over. What you spend on cigarettes each year will exceed the amount of money you will spend on Chantix for three months. This is your chance to kick your smoking habit, and start living a healthier lifestyle.

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Where to Find Chantix Coupons