Christian Dream Symbols

How do you interpret your dreams?

Christian dream symbols are an important part of Biblical scripture. Throughout the Bible, references are made to God's word being delivered through dreams. Understanding or interpreting these dreams requires faith, patience and a willingness to accept that sometimes, dreams are just dreams.

Interpreting Christian Dream Symbols

Symbols are an important part of dream interpretation. Every day, people see symbols. They understand what the road sign symbolizes before they actually read it. They understand what the symbols represent on the desktop of their computer. So when seeking to interpret the symbols of a dream, it's important to ask, what do the symbols mean to you?

In the Bible, Nebuchadnezzar dreams of statues made of gold. In another passage, when he claims his kingdom will go on and on, he dreams of a tree cut off at the roots. Understanding the symbols in these dreams means understanding the person who dreamt them.

The mother who worries about her children staying out of trouble in school and then dreams of being at an airport, but hesitating to board the plane. Are there Christian dream symbols present? It could mean that she wants to escape the worry or that she is uncertain that what she is doing is sufficient.

Ultimately, if she wakes more concerned by the message, then it may need time to reflect upon. Or she could simply have been dreaming about needing more information, such as not worry about staying out of trouble, but creating goals or a destination.

Dreams and the Bible

The book of Job states that dreams reveal, but do not condemn. The goals of dreams are to preserve life and not destroy it. This would indicate that while messages may be given or reassurances made, dreams should not be interpreted as a judgment call. The Bible provides a partial guide to interpreting the symbols of what appears in the dream, but it is up to you to determine what the symbols mean to you.

Animals, for example, often represent emotion. If you dream of being the turtle, you may be dreaming of your faith in yourself. You may be slow, but you are steady and constant. You will achieve the goals you have set for yourself. If you dream of lambs in a field, you may be dreaming of Christ and the need to tend to the young. You may be dreaming of tending to yourself, of caring for the person you are inside as well as the ones you love in life. Which meaning feels right to you?

Numbers are often exactly the same in dreams as they are in life. If you dream of four oxen pulling a cart in different directions and you have four members of your family at odds with each other, then you may be the cart and the oxen represent your family, competing goals or other demands that pull at you. What is important when interpreting the meanings of your dreams, is to go with what 'feels' right and have faith that the meaning you take from the dream is the meaning you were supposed to take.

Just a Dream

Sometimes, a dream is just a dream. It is a representation of what concerns you, what thoughts or emotions you are experiencing. One way to interpret a dream's Christian meaning is to keep a Bible by the bedside. When you awake from the dream, open it randomly. Read the first passage that your eyes are drawn to. The passage may give you comfort that the dream lacked or provide an insight you needed to understand.

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Christian Dream Symbols