Signs of Drug Abuse

Know the Signs of Drug Abuse

The following signs of drug abuse in this slideshow will help you determine if a loved one has a drug addiction. It is important to know that a drug addict may not exhibit all of the signs of drug addiction yet still have a problem.

Weight Loss or Gain

Someone who uses drugs may not feel like eating or may have an increase in appetite. This change in appetite usually contributes to drastic weight loss or gain.

Insomnia, Hyperactive or Lazy

A drug addict may stay up late at night doing drugs or may not be able to sleep because of the effects from the drugs. Laziness and/or hyperactivity may accompany this insomnia.

Needle Marks

Needle marks on the body is another indication of drug abuse. Drug addicts who use needles will try to hide their arms, legs and feet with clothing so you don't see the marks left behind.

Sick, Sweating and Shaking

The effects from the drugs and not eating or sleeping enough can cause a drug addict to feel nauseated. The addict may vomit, sweat and have tremors of the hands, feet and head as well.

Change in Activities

Sudden changes in the activities the person used to enjoy and the loss of interest in friends and family are also common signs of a drug problem.

Seems Depressed

Someone who suffers from drug abuse may seem depressed because of his/her loss of concentration, forgetfulness, lack of motivation and low self-esteem.

Changes in mood, including irritability, oversensitivity and aggression are due to the effects of the drugs as well as anxiety about where the addict will get his/her next hit.

Paranoid and Dishonest

Many addicts become paranoid, secretive and dishonest over time. They know people disapprove of what they are doing and begin to be dishonest about their drug use as well as other things.

Searching for Drug Money

Drugs are not cheap, and an addict may end up using all his/her money on it. This can lead the drug addict to steal money or items to sell, and solicit people for money.

Runny Nose and Watery Eyes

Someone with a drug problem may wipe his/her nose or eyes often because of runny nose and red, watery eyes. You may also notice that the person's pupils are either larger or smaller than usual.

All That Matters is Drugs

Over time, nothing other than drugs matters to an addict and his/her personal hygiene and appearance declines. Without intervention, the drug abuse can lead to death.

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Signs of Drug Abuse