Types of Addiction

Nicotine addiction

There are many types of addiction. Learn more about them right here.

Addiction Takes Many Forms

The most commonly known types of addiction are those to alcohol and narcotics. However, many people struggle with other types of addiction. Some of the most common addictions include:

Nicotine Addiction

It's not the smoking, but the addiction to nicotine that makes it so difficult to quit. Nicotine is an addiction that comes in many forms. Smoking is less tolerated today, and those who smoke become targets. Quitting is always an option: again and again.

Food Addiction

People are beefing up. Sedentary behavior has taken over as people focus on the smells and experience of televised food shows. Food has become more than a compulsion. There are definite health risks.

Video Game Addiction

Video game addiction? Yes, this is one of the fastest growing types of addiction. Some folks get caught up in the world of video games and take it very seriously. The claims are the same: they can walk away any time. They just don't choose to and become ensnared.

Internet Addiction

The increasing popularity of the Internet has been accompanied by a rise in Internet addiction. Whether people are ensnared in chat, forums, web surfing or other online pursuits, the time spent in front of the computer can escalate into addiction territory. Internet addiction is often accompanied by other types of addictions, such as an addiction to video games, porn, or online gambling.

Sex Addiction

For many people, sex is an addiction. Conquests become never-ending. The range of behaviors includes relation-hopping and mistaken addictions to what passes for love, where those affected look for love in all the wrong places and people.

Shopping Addiction

Is shopping an addiction? As credit cards proliferate, plastic's urge to splurge has become a full-blown addiction with a range of addictive behaviors. Shopping addiction affects families and relationships as well as finances and credit ratings.

One Common Root

This list is just a sample to show the variety of addictions with which many people struggle on a daily basis. While the activities differ, they are all the product of the same basic addictive personality traits. While it's possible to kick one addiction, addicts must remain on guard that you don't wind up replacing one activity with another kind of addiction.

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Types of Addiction