Stress Management and Spirituality

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Stress management and spirituality complement each other by helping to balance a person in mind, body, and spirit.

Benefits of Spirituality

Many people find that having a spiritual or religious practice helps with stress management. Having a spiritual side can give a person a boost by allowing reliance on God or a higher power and surrendering worries and troubles, rather than holding on so tightly to stress. With a spiritual practice you'll find that no matter how tough it gets you're not alone.

Stress Management and Spirituality

Combining stress management and spiritual principles can be a healthy outlet for self-growth and learning to handle anything that comes your way. Here are some ways to incorporate a spiritual stress management practice into your life:


Stress management and spirituality is about more than just your thoughts and inner world, but it can also be expressed through the practice of yoga. Having a weekly yoga practice helps to calm the mind and strengthen the body. People who do yoga are also likely to notice things like a greater ability to focus and make decisions. A regular practice can make a big difference.


A spiritual stress management practice does not have to be complicated. There are many different types of meditation and meditation techniques that can be used. By taking just a couple minutes a day to sit in silence, this "work" can actually re-energize a person to take on the world.

Designate a special place in your home where you will meditate, such as a chair or comfortable room. Use candles, a meditation cushion, bells, chimes, and incense to create a relaxing atmosphere. Meditation supplies are available at Darhma Crafts.


Even though many people associate prayer with traditional Christianity, anyone at any time can use prayer to manage stress by asking and declaring a more calmed state. The most powerful prayers are those based upon belief. If you believe your words have power and that a greater source of power is listening and responding, your prayer will be more effective. So, now matter what your faith, pray with focus.

Journalism with Faith

Many people also find that keeping a journal is a helpful way to combat stress. Rather than writing about the stress itself, have a journal that is focused on getting in touch with your spiritual side-and finding answers for every day problems. It is surprising how much is revealed when people write in a journal. Many problems are solved this way and feelings are dealt with in a healthy way.

  • Keep your journal solution-focused.
  • Make lists, include collages or artwork, keep your blog in a private notebook, or blog online.
  • Focus on faith and spirituality as you create a log of your experiences.

Make Your Practice Your Own

Perhaps the hardest thing for most people is making spirituality a priority and incorporating it into their lives. Take steps to make it a habit and honor your spiritual side. With some time and effort, this can really pay off.

Stress Management and Spirituality