5-Factor Diet Meal Plan

Egg White Omelete and Grapes

5 Factor Diet meal plans consist of balanced meals eaten five times a day. While eating five meals daily may sound too good to be true, this approach to weight loss has proven effective for celebrities and everyday folk.

Elements of the 5 Factor Diet

To understand how to create meals on the 5 Factor Diet, first you have to grasp the diet's basic elements. While for some it feels like a lesson in chemistry, it really isn't that complicated. Every meal should be comprised of:

  • Good source of protein
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • High in fiber
  • Fat (must be healthy fat only)
  • Fluids (sugar-free or water)

Basics of the 5 Factor Diet Meal Plan

One reason this diet gained popularity among Hollywood celebrities like Lady Gaga and Jessica Simpson is that it is quick and easy; a combination that works for busy people everywhere. Even though five meals are consumed each day to keep cravings and hunger in check, the five-ingredient-or-less recipes make it less time consuming to prepare meals. Other recipes that may have a few more ingredients only take five minutes or less to prep and another five minutes to cook.

Cheat Days

Another reason people like the 5 Factor Diet is that it allows for five cheat days over the five week diet. This flexibility allows dieters to eat their favorite foods one day each week without guilt.

Glycemic Index

The 5 Factor Diet uses the Glycemic Index (GI) to educate dieters in making the best choices for keeping calories down and blood sugar stable. Learning how to interpret GI numbers equips dieters with the skill to combine foods to make meals quickly and easily. All meals are low on the Glycemic Index.

Exercise and Rest Are Important

While the 5 Factor Diet meal plan makes it easier to eat healthy balanced meals, another element of the diet is regular exercise. This helps boost metabolism so your body burns fat more efficiently.

Along with exercise, getting enough rest is emphasized. Proper rest enhances muscle strength and lowers cortisol.

Sample Meal Plans

5 Factor Diet

The following sample meal plans can be used to inspire your own menu or followed as is. You can also check the recipe resources available at the end of this article for more ideas

Sample One

  • Breakfast: 5 Factor french toast
  • Morning Snack: 5 Factor Berry Shake
  • Lunch: Chef salad made with fresh lettuce, tomato, roasted turkey, boiled egg whites, and seasoned with Mrs. Dash
  • Afternoon Snack: Non-fat French onion/sour cream dip with celery
  • Dinner: Salmon, quinoa, salad, salt, pepper

Sample Two

5 Factor Recipe Resources

For learn how to create more 5 Factor recipes visit the following resources:

Is the 5 Factor Diet for You?

While the 5 Factor Diet is quick and easy, it is not for everyone. For people with diabetes, the amount of carbs provided by this meal plan may not be enough. This diet may also not be appropriate for people with hypertension or kidney disease. Before you decide to follow this or any diet, it is wise to talk with your healthcare provider first, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

5-Factor Diet Meal Plan