American Dietary Association

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The American Dietary Association (ADA) is a U.S.-based organization of health experts devoted to improving the state of the nation's health. As you probably know, nutrition and healthy eating are the foundation of good health. The association provides you with the information you need to make good decisions regarding your diet and its impact on your health.

History of the Organization

The association has served a vital role in educating the general public since 1917. With the advent of the Internet, misinformation has flourished. The ADA strives to become the source of credible and reliable information based on good science.

Many colleges and universities offer dietetic degrees. The ADA developed an accreditation program for schools in order to provide the necessary information for professionals in this field. Research continues to explore new avenues in human health. The American Dietary Association gives a sense of direction.

An important function of their work is the publication of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association which publishes peer-reviewed research. Peer review is an essential aspect of science, ensuring that the information you receive is accurate. The ADA is also an advocate for public policy, helping to ensure that the proper measures are in place for the public's good.

Function of the American Dietary Association

If you are not familiar with the organization, you may be aware of its Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This publication is an authoritative guide for good health. Its gives clear direction regarding dietary requirements and how to reduce your risk of developing chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

The document serves as a reminder that good nutrition is vital for long-term good health; literally what you are is what you eat. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans also reminds people of the role of exercise in proper weight management.

Online Resources

The organization provides online resources so that you can research topics of your interest such as reviews of fad diets or healthy aging. Online since 1995, their site also delves into current areas of interest such as heirloom produce and teen obsession with being thin.

The landscape of nutritional understanding is constantly evolving as need research opens new breakthroughs in human health issue. Likewise, the ADA has evolved to reflect the needs of the public, reflecting the health issues of the day.

For example, adult weight management continues to plague Americans. Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dramatically show the obesity epidemic that has hold of the United States, with all but six states reporting obesity levels 25 percent or greater in 2015. The ADA supplies the necessary information to create awareness of the issue as well as the tools to conqueror this serious health problem.

Preventing the Spread of Chronic Disease

An important function of the ADA is to make you aware that you have control over your health. You can make better choices regarding the foods you eat. You can learn how to prepare foods safely and prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses. It all begins with information.

Good nutrition is a lifelong practice. You will have varying needs throughout your life. The ADA is your source of information regarding nutrition through stressful life stages such as pregnancy and menopause. It also addresses the concerns of the sexes, providing specific information to help you lower your risk of developing age-related chronic illnesses such as osteoporosis.

The important thing to understand about nutrition is that it supplies the building blocks for healthy body function. Research continues to link some chronic conditions such as blood pressure with dietary deficiencies. A good diet, therefore, is essential.

The American Dietary Association is an important resource and advocate for both professionals and the general public. It helps create standardization within the industry and educational resources. If you have questions regarding your diet, the first place you can begin is the ADA for proven medical information.

American Dietary Association