Gluten-Free Food Delivery Plans

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Whether you want to detox, lose weight or just have the option of not having to prepare meals each night, a home meal delivery plan can be a convenience that many find hard to pass up. If you also need to eat gluten-free, though, it may be difficult to find a service that sells high-quality gluten-free options as well. There are several companies that do provide gluten-free options no matter what your goal is in pursuing them.

Six Home-Delivery Diet Plans With Gluten-Free Options

Each of these top-of-the-line home delivery diet plans offers some degree of gluten-free food options. From a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, to the ability to customize your meal plan with the chef, these six plans deliver.

Bistro MD

Lamb Rogan from
Lamb Rogan from Bistro MD

Bistro MD is a diet program specifically geared toward your needs. This includes offering gluten-free menu options for anyone that requires them. Order food for five or seven days at a time. All their meals are made without fillers, artificial ingredients or MSG, and all are considered "real-food." The founders of the program include a doctor and a chef - they call themselves the Foodie and the MD. Pricing starts at $129.95 with your first week's shipping free.

All meals are heatable either in the microwave or in hot water for easy preparation, and each meal comes with its nutritional content on view. According to Every Diet, the quality of the ingredients is good, the food is fresh and preparation only takes minutes.


If you want to ensure your meals are prepared in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen, or you have other food allergies in addition to gluten that need to be avoided, check out Cook! Cook! is meal delivery plan that specializes in short-term detox programs, but also provides long-term "maintenance" options as well. All meals are gluten and dairy free, and meals provided during the detox phase are also free of soy, nightshades, red meat, eggs, corn and yeast.

All meals are delivered twice weekly on Wednesday and Friday, shipped via UPS on temperature controlled ice. Prep or cooking for each meal can be done in 20 minutes or less. According to La Jolla Mom, the quality of the ingredients surpasses those found in most prepackaged foods, which helps offset the cost of the program. The cost varies from $50 to $250 for two weeks depending on what is ordered.

Chicken Ana Luisa from
Chicken Ana Luisa from

If you aren't concerned about laboratory testing or the risk of cross contamination, is able to provide you with a list of numerous gluten-free meal options in their delivery plan. They state up front that they do not carry out independent testing, however they have offered this menu for years without complaints from their gluten-free customers.

Food is priced a la carte, with options of two or four servings available for each choice, or you can order up to eight meals at a time for around $150. Food arrives frozen with dry ice; most options require some thawing or defrosting and some require cooking or baking time as well.

According to reviews, all ingredients are high-quality and verge on gourmet, although some taste and texture may be influenced by your preparation and handling of the meals.

Healthy Chef

If you're looking for organic, gourmet meals prepared to your exact specifications, consider ordering from Healthy Chef. Healthy Chef has several different meal plans available, all of which have several gluten-free options to choose from. Each meal is individually cooked to avoid cross contamination. Meal plans start at around $19.99 a day, with three, five and seven day plans available.

While the plans are expensive, the quality of the ingredients and the fact that each meal is completely organic makes them well worth it according to reviews. While there are diet plans available, the service focuses on healthy living for any lifestyle, which helps appeal to a greater audience.

Mom's Meals

Mom's Meals gluten free turkey meal
Turkey and Vegetables from Mom's Meals

Mom's Meals is a meal delivery service focusing on helping individuals stay healthy and live independently at home. This includes seniors, the disabled and shut-ins, as well as others who may just have pressing time commitments that keep them from eating healthy, well-balanced meals. All gluten-free options provided by Mom's Meals are created by a dietician and tested to ensure they contain less than 20ppm of gluten.

According to the Caregiver's Voice, all of the meals are easy to prepare, fresh and with healthy portion sizes. Pricing is much more affordable with this plan as well; meals are only $5.99 a piece, with delivery a flat $14.95 no matter how much you order at a time.


If your aim is to lose weight with a meal delivery plan, consider DeliverLean. They have an extensive gluten-free menu, with all meals coming in at less than 400 calories a piece. In addition to being gluten-free, their meals are also prepared "clean," with limited sugar, dairy and salt.

Prices for DeliverLean begin at around $6.95, with bulk pricing available; the more meals you order, the lower the cost per meal or per day. Reviewers mention the high quality of the food, and the fact that it is filling, while helping to facilitate weight loss.

Enjoy Convenience

While expensive, ordering prepared, gluten-free meals helps save time each day. Knowing that you will not have to prepare, cook or even clean up after each meal can be well worth the cost. Meal delivery plans can make it even easier to eat gluten-free.

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Gluten-Free Food Delivery Plans