Does Papa John's Have Gluten Free Pizza?

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Papa John's has created a gluten-free pizza crust called the Ancient Grain Gluten-Free Crust. This crust is made from the gluten-free grains sorghum, teff, quinoa, and amaranth.

Is It Actually Gluten Free?

Papa John's gluten-free pizza does contain gluten-free ingredients, which are prepared in gluten-free environments prior to entering the stores. However, once in the store, the pizzas may experience cross-contamination with other pizzas, cooking utensils, or work spaces that have touched gluten. Papa John's states they do "not recommend pizzas with Papa John's Ancient Grains Gluten-Free Crust for customers with celiac disease" as the pizza might be exposed to gluten some time during preparation.

Therefore, those looking for gluten-free pizzas should use personal judgement when ordering from Papa John's. If following a gluten-free diet by choice, then the Ancient Grain Gluten-Free Crust may be a great pizza choice. However, people with celiac disease risk cross-contamination.

Celiac Friendly Pizza Chains

Since Papa John's can not promise 100 percent gluten-free pizza for those with celiac disease, here are a few alternative pizza options that found throughout the nation.

Papa John's Gluten-Free Pizza

Although the gluten-free pizza made at Papa John's is not celiac-friendly, it is a crust option for those following a gluten-free diet for personal reasons. Other chains across the country are attempting to cater to those with celiac disease and make pizza that is gluten-free and avoids cross-contamination, such as California Pizza Kitchen and Pizza Hut.

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Does Papa John's Have Gluten Free Pizza?