Rachel Ray Diet

Will the Rachel Ray diet work for you?

The Rachel Ray diet is often referred to as one of those "non-diets" that many people, including celebrities, subscribe to.

What Is a Non-Diet

A Rachel Ray diet focuses less on the pressure of eating or avoiding certain foods and more on the concept of common sense. Anyone who has watched Rachel Ray on television knows that she loves cooking good dishes that are often easy and quick to make. According to many reports, Rachel hasn't stepped on a scale since she was very young, and she attempts to avoid the body style pressures that many people appear to be slave to.

Whether or not this report is true really doesn't matter. What is evident is that Rachel does love food, and her common-sense approach to healthy eating translates into a diet that could be beneficial for many.

Rachel Ray Diet Tips

Some of the most common dietary tips associated with Rachel's philosophy include the following:

  • Try to stick to a regular mealtime.
  • Don't avoid meals to lose weight.
  • Drink lots of water every day.
  • Don't waste precious calories on sodas.
  • Eat plenty of raw and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Start off your day with high protein and healthy carbs.
  • Create a moderate exercise plan that you can follow. (When starting any new exercise regimen, contact your doctor first.) Remember that "calories in + exercise = calories out."
  • Avoid those foods that are problem foods for you.
  • Eat lots of lean proteins.
  • Eat foods rich in monounsaturated fats. This should include cooking with extra virgin olive oils, often referred to as "EVOO."
  • Try to reduce stress in your daily routine whenever possible.
  • Don't eliminate all of the foods you love. Instead, eat in moderation.
  • Don't eat because it is time to eat. Eat because you are hungry!
  • Don't hop on the scale every day; it can add pressure to your weight loss goals.
  • Maintain self-control by getting in the habit of "thinking healthy."
  • Avoid crash diets.
  • Vary your meals and food choices to avoid boredom. There are plenty of tasty, healthy foods and recipes for you to choose from!

Flat Belly Diet

One of the most recent dietary features on Rachel's show is the "Flat Belly Diet." The American Diabetes Association conducted a study that featured a diet rich in monounsaturated fats (MUFA). This diet is thought to reduce belly fat. One of the staples of the diet is the consumption of water, specifically a special type of water called "Sassy Water", named after Prevention magazine's nutrition director, Cynthia Sass. This water includes ginger, which has been found to be good for the gastrointestinal tract. The diet also focuses on ingesting plenty of monounsaturated fats, like the ones found in extra virgin olive oil. While all of these features are positive, this diet downplays exercise somewhat, and it also involves a low-calories intake. For more information on the Flat Belly Diet, visit Prevention's Flat Belly Diet website.

Acai Berry Diet

Although she does not typically endorse dietary supplements, Ray's name has become linked to the acai berry juice, Monavie, which she featured on her show. Pros and cons surround this product.


  • The juice contains many healthy nutrients.
  • It is considered a "super food."
  • It has been referred to as a food that can "jumpstart a healthy lifestyle."


  • Critics claim that its health benefits are exaggerated.
  • It is often pricey.
  • The same antioxidants found in this juice can also be found in less expensive foods.
  • Lab tests regarding its positive dietary effects are inconclusive.

Finally, whether you subscribe to any or all of the aspects of a Rachel Ray Diet or her lifestyle philosophies, there is no doubt that her essential advice, which is to eat healthy foods in moderation and exercise, are the keys to a healthy lifestyle.

Rachel Ray Diet