Aquatic Exercises

Published August 18, 2018

Wet Workout

Water aerobics provide a challenging, low-impact workout that's not only fun, but is also appropriate for exercisers who have joint pain or who typically experience discomfort when exercising. Water provides the resistance while the instructor provides the fun and encouragement.

Happy Twist

Underwater workouts are gentle on the joints. Moves that might otherwise be too challenging out of the water - like the twist pictured here - are doable in water thanks to buoyancy.

Keep It Up!

Water aerobics is a great option for senior citizens or those with balance issues as the water helps keep them upright as they move. People who may not have full range of motion will probably feel "free" in the water.

Kicking It

This exerciser uses the resistance of the water to provide strength and cardiovascular work with flutter kicks. Kicking, running, and even jumping are all high-impact movements that can be done in water for a gentler option.

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes offered in the pool are often done to music, just like other group fitness classes. Popular group fitness classes like Zumba are often offered in aqua formats.

Stretching Underwater

Stretching underwater provides for a greater range of motion and helps people achieve stretches they may not be able to accomplish on land. Stretching in water can be quite relaxing.

Walking the Lanes

Swimming isn't the only exercise appropriate for the pool. Walking laps in the pool provides resistance that ups the intensity of the workout.

Fun in Numbers

Special exercise equipment designed for pool use can help add strength work to a water-based workout routine. The equipment is light outside of the water, but it's like lifting weights when used in the water.

Solo Workout

Use the water's resistance to your advantage. You don't need a fitness instructor to take you through a pool equipment workout since most pool gyms have the equipment available for check-out. Working out in your home pool? Try an aqua fitness CD.

A Great Workout

With equipment or without, pools offer excellent workout options. If you struggle with swimming, stay in the shallow end of the pool during water-based exercise classes and follow the instructions provided by the certified fitness instructor. Doing so will help ensure your safety.

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Aquatic Exercises