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Updated September 10, 2019
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What started as a set of YouTube videos, has quickly become one of the destination sites for home gym enthusiasts. If you are looking for workouts that fit into a tight schedule, diet tips or a community of interval training enthusiasts, BodyRock is the destination for you.

What Is BodyRock?

BodyRock was originally started as a series of high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout videos on YouTube. A husband-and-wife team would upload the high intensity workouts, most about 12 minutes in length, along with step-by-step instructions on how to do the workout. The marriage has since broken up in a very public divorce that led to the wife leaving the company and the husband dating the new female co-host - though rumors online speculate that the relationship has since ended.

A Fitness Powerhouse

The series became so popular that, a complete home exercise website, was born. Fitness videos, apparel, and workout equipment are all available on the website, as is plenty of fitness advice.

One Stop Fitness Resource

In addition to the original HIIT videos, the site includes a comprehensive menu of exercises and fitness information to help you achieve high levels of fitness right in your home. Expect to pay more than $20-$40 for access to a workout series, but after purchase, you have unlimited access to the series. Meal plans cost around $80 on the website. Alternatively, you can purchase a Sweatflix subscription for around $10 a month for on-demand workouts.


If all you're interested in are the workouts, you'll find a wealth of them at In addition to the videos themselves, each workout includes an equipment recommendation, step-by-step instructions and photos of each move. Nearly all workouts are HIIT, so you can be prepared for a serious and intense workout each time, no matter how little time you have to give to the routine. Yoga is also offered on the site.


Diet and eating tips are put up regularly on the site. Exercisers are encouraged to take the diet challenge of the moment, which includes tips for healthy eating, reasons why you should include specific foods in your diet and examples of where you can find specific nutrients in foods. While not a diet site, BodyRock definitely caters to those who make total body fitness a priority.


Plenty of exercise equipment - much of it used within the videos - is available for purchase from BodyRock. Most of the equipment is branded with the BodyRock brand and many of the pieces feature pink and lavender colors, which is unusual for intense workout equipment. The BodyRock Pink Thing (a resistance band of unusual shape) is an example of some of the equipment they offer that is unique to the site.


The BodyRockers, as they are called, are the heart and soul of the site. This community of HIIT enthusiasts contributes with posts, feedback, comments and photographs of their own. Because BodyRock is primarily a home workout experience, those who look for motivation from others will find the community they miss at the gym right on the site.

BodyRock Reviews

"BodyRockers" are a dedicated group, and are very vocal about their love for the workouts. The Fitnessista compares BodyRock workouts to the popular Insanity series, saying BodyRock is better for beginners or people with injuries or limitations. Does It Really Work says the BodyRock workouts are "pretty intense." Reviewers on the Influenster website give mixed reviews, with accolades for the workouts but critical reviews of the customer service and equipment.

A Home Workout Option

If you are looking for a way to spice up your home workout routine, a community of like-minded HIIT enthusiasts or just want to find a few short workout videos to do in your spare time, BodyRock can be a good choice. It's always a good idea to check in with your physician before starting up a new exercise regimen to make sure your body can handle the strain.

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BodyRock Workouts