Fun Ways to Exercise Without Getting Bored

Updated July 4, 2019

Fun With Movement

When exercising doesn't feel like a chore, people are more likely to stick with this healthy lifestyle choice. These fun ways to exercise may provide you with needed motivation to get yourself moving!

Try a variety of these until you find the workout that compels you to do it again and again.

SUP Yoga

SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) yoga combines the tranquility of water, the challenge of yoga, and the instability of a SUP to create a challenging workout. Body weight exercises and stability work help strengthen your muscles.

Paddleboarding is already a lot of fun, but adding yoga into the mix makes it a challenging workout.

Depending on exertion and body composition, an hour-long SUP yoga session has the potential to burn up to 500 calories an hour.

Aerial Yoga

Maybe the thought of yoga on water doesn't appeal to you, but you'd still like to try some yoga that is fun and different.

Aerial yoga utilizes hammocks and straps to gently ease you into positions while also allowing your stretches to get deeper than a traditional floor yoga class. Inversions are also a lot easier when you're hanging upside down from the cradle of a hammock!

A 50-minute aerial yoga class can burn up to 320 calories and provides both resistance and cardio work.

Pole Dance Fitness

Pole dancing can be a full-body workout, requiring not only strength but also endurance. Many gyms offer pole dancing group fitness classes because it's not only a good workout, but also a fun one.

Classes typically aren't too risque but instead focus on the fitness aspect of the activity.

Though calories burned depend on body composition and intensity, an hour-long session will likely burn around 350 calories.

Dog Agility Training

You love your dog and you love exercise - combine the two in an activity that goes far beyond walking or jogging with your dog.

Agility training for dogs requires quick movements from the human trainers as they guide the dogs - sometimes resulting in explosive, all-out effort to keep up.

Sprinting to keep up with a dog in agility training can burn up to 200 calories in a 2.5 minute sprint.

Rock Climbing

You don't need mountains to go rock climbing - with so many indoor climbing places opening up, even people living in the flattest of terrain can enjoy rock climbing.

Rock climbing combines cardio and strength work in one full-body workout.

Depending on exertion and body composition, rock climbing can burn up to 900 calories in an hour.

Roller Derby

Though dominated largely by women, roller derby teams exist for men, too. It's a fun way to burn calories, challenge your body, and get any pent-up aggression out.

Many local teams offer clinics to teach new recruits everything they need to know about the sport - including how to skate!

Expect to burn an average of around 400 calories an hour while playing roller derby, depending on body composition and exertion put forth.

Fun Runs

Even if running isn't your thing, a fun run can turn this excellent form of exercise into a party.

Whether you want to leap into mud pits, bound across inflatables, chug a shot at each station, get chased by zombies, dive into foam, or get blasted by colored chalk at every turn, there's a fun run for you.

Depending on the length of the fun run, obstacles involved, your body composition and effort, you will probably burn close to 450 calories in a fun run.


Harry Potter fans will be delighted to discover that Quidditch exists outside the confines of the books. Leagues for Quidditch exist all around the globe. It's a great way to live out a beloved tale while getting some exercise.

Like in the books, most teams are co-ed and do include broomsticks.

Expect to burn around 250-350 calories in a Quidditch match, depending on your position, body composition, and exertion.

Belly Dancing

A fantastic core workout, belly dancing is a lot of fun and surprisingly challenging. Expect better posture as a result of your belly dancing workouts.

Classes are held in gyms, community centers, and at natural healing centers around the country.

You can burn around 300 calories in an hour of belly dancing depending on your effort and body composition.


If you haven't tried to set foot on a trampoline as an adult, you're probably forgetting how strenuous the activity can be.

While rebounding offers a fun workout, try taking a large trampoline outdoors and jumping along with the entire family.

Some trampoline fitness clubs claim to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour in their group fitness classes.

Speed Golf

Speed golf is a revved-up version of the leisurely sport with which you're likely already familiar. There's a big difference though: the speed.

Speed golfers don't just compete for points, they also compete for time. They typically don't use caddies or carts, instead opting to haul their gear as they sprint to the next hole.

Golfing at a quick pace typically burns around 350 calories an hour, but add sprinting to that and you'll scorch some serious calories.


Dance fitness can be fun, but Zumbathons take it to a new level. Typically 3-4 hours long, these events are usually led by the best instructors in the region.

Most Zumbathons benefit a local non-profit. You may think you can't dance for hours on end, but once the music gets pumping and everyone gets energized, you forget about the time.

Considering a Zumba class can burn around 400-600 calories an hour, imagine the burn for hours on end!


Speaking of dance, have you heard of Capoeira? It's a blend of martial arts, dance, and acrobatic moves developed in Brazil. Not only does it make you stronger and more focused, but also more graceful in your movements.

Training in Capoeira will keep you engaged and exerting plenty of energy.

A typical hour-long class will burn around 500 calories depending on how hard you work and your body composition.

Get Moving

"Being bored" with exercise simply isn't a valid excuse if you haven't made an attempt to find the exercise you enjoy most.

There are so many benefits to exercising regularly - both physical and mental. Get moving and fit working out into your schedule often to enjoy the most benefits.

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Fun Ways to Exercise Without Getting Bored