Christian Exercise Videos

Updated July 19, 2019
Christian Exercise

Faith-based workouts focus on modest movements put to Christian music, all while keeping the glorifying of God in mind. It's a good option for Christians who don't want the risque moves of some popular dance fitness formats or who want to hear encouraging messages that are Christian-based while exercising.

Fitness Programs

Christian workouts come in a variety of formats. Whether you want a cardio workout or a workout designed to increase strength, you'll find a workout designed to glorify God.

Faithful Workouts

Faithful Workouts is a fitness ministry that is also a 501 (c)(3) organization. They offer a wide variety of workouts ranging from cardio dance to resistance bands and chair workouts. All workouts and recipe plans are available to members of the website or app - and membership is free. Bible reading plans are also available from Faithful Workouts, and all workouts are infused with encouraging Biblical reminders.

Revelation Wellness

Revelation Wellness, a wellness ministry, offers a free, 7-day "detox" to get you started on your path to wellness. They offer workout videos on demand to subscribers who donate monthly. Workouts are available for all fitness levels, including kickboxing, drum fitness (similar to the Pound format), flexibility training, and more. Since the ministry is a nonprofit organization, monthly subscription donations are tax-deductible as a charitable donation.

The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan is a "healthy lifestyle program founded on Biblical principles." They offer free resources on their website for getting started with working out, but the actual workout DVD, The Daniel Plan in Action, a 40 Day Fitness Program costs around $10. The Daniel plan is meant to be about more than working out. Instead, followers concentrate on the ideals of The Daniel Plan: faith, food, fitness, focus, and friends.

Fitness DVDs and Videos

Not all fitness programs with a Christian focus are part of a larger wellness ministry. Some trainers offer workout videos that feature upbeat Christian music or that include Bible references, positive affirmations, and more.

Shazzy Fitness

Shazzy Fitness is a Christian response to Zumba, the Latin-based dance fitness craze featuring secular music and at-times risque dance moves. Shazzy Fitness offers faith-based dance cardio workouts that feature hip-hop moves. A Time to Dance is a 25-minute dance workout with intermediate moves for around $14. People who enjoy this format can sign up for instructor training to bring this workout to their own church or fitness center.

Tae Bo: The Power Within

Billy Blanks' Believer's Workout focuses on faith and provides an inspirational Tae Bo fitness program for Christians for around $10. This program is similar to the popular cardio kickboxing DVDs Blanks released in the 90s and offers a challenging cardio workout while helping build spiritual and physical strength.

Praise Moves

The Christian fitness response to yoga, the Praise Moves DVD offers a bodyweight resistance workout like yoga, but without the Eastern spiritual influence. Viewers are encouraged to use the 60 or 20 minute workout to praise God while strengthening their body and gaining balance. The DVD is available for around $10.


Created by the same minds behind Shazzy Fitness, Gospilates is a Pilates alternative workout available for around $10. Featuring inspirational music, this workout provides a full-body, bodyweight workout complete with a section for ab work. Gospilates makes the claim to be both fun and family-friendly.

Moving With the Spirit

Christian fitness can help exercisers feel more in tune with their spirituality as they strengthen their body and mind. Plenty of options are available in a wide variety of formats, giving exercisers plenty of workouts from which to choose.

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Christian Exercise Videos