Kundalini Yoga Posters: 5 Places to Order One

posters of Kundalini Yoga

Uncovering instructional Kundalini Yoga posters can be difficult, because you're not going to find a picture of a model performing a series of poses for this style of yoga. But, if you broaden your perspective, you'll appreciate what you'll find at the following resources.

What to Expect

Unlike other yoga posters, on which the asanas are explained or demonstrated, the spiritual aspect of Kundalini is usually the focus of art involving this practice.

Many poster artists focus on depicting the chakras, because of the belief they are the root of Kundalini Yoga. As the serpent uncoils at the base of the spine, it flows through each of the seven chakras within the body, releasing energy and enhancing awareness. You'll find a number of Kundalini Yoga posters with colorful and elaborate renditions of the chakras and in some cases, the deities associated with them.

Finding Kundalini Yoga Posters

Ask Your Yoga Studio

The best resource for Kundalini Yoga posters is your favorite studio. If your studio stocks a variety of yoga equipment and clothing, ask the manager to research poster options for you.You can also try the following online resources.


Do a search for Kundalini Yoga on Art.com and a variety of beautiful yoga-related posters, prints, and photographs appear.

  • This yoga chakra poster is a highly-detailed perspective of yoga.
  • This one has a compelling blue background with postures and chakra symbols in the foreground.
  • Another version is seagreen with more focus on chakra symbolism.

On Art.com and its companion site, All Posters.com, you can order artwork individually, or matted and framed.

The Ashram Store

Another online resource for posters is the Ashram Store. Check out the Kudalini Yoga chakra poster. It features the chakras and corresponding deities, elements, and colors, plus the eight steps of yoga. Another interesting poster not often found depicts pranayama and its connection of an individual to the universe.

Sanatan Society

The Sanatan Society stocks numerous forms of exquisite yoga-related artwork. The chakra teaching poster can be had with or without text. The poster, "Sounds of the Chakras", is a beautiful example of Indian art.

Yoga Lifestyle

Yoga Lifestyle carries a popular Kundalini yoga poster called the Kundalini System, featuring bright and detailed chakra images. You may also like the rainbow chakra poster. Look for other inspirational images on the site, too, such as the om poster, the woman's healing herbs chart, and the feng shui compass.

Other Resources for Yoga-Related Artwork

There are a number of artists well-known for their creative interpretations of yoga. For example, Dr. John Super paints yoga asanas in vibrant colors. Alex Grey is another painter and performance artist who offers a variety of vivid, thought-provoking images on canvas, T-shirts, calendars, drawings, and more.

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Kundalini Yoga Posters: 5 Places to Order One