Neckline Slimmer for Your Chin and Neck

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The Neckline Slimmer may seem like a revolutionary exercise tool for people fighting double chins, but is it really possible to improve the appearance of the neck through such a tool? Learn about the Neckline Slimmer, its safety and if it works.

About the Neckline Slimmer

You may have seen the informercial on TV for Paul Younane's Neckline Slimmer, a manual neck exercise tool. Before and after photos show people with double chins using the device and achieving a more youthful, tight chin. The product sells for under $10; the original price was more, but production of this product was discontinued. It can still be purchased on Amazon and some third-party seller websites.

Created by a Fitness Expert

Neckline Slimmer creator Paul Younane, a former professional rugby player, is also a fitness expert known as The Professional Body Coach. Younane runs The Professional Body Company that specializes in body sculpting and fitness programs as well as exercise equipment.


The Neckline Slimmer claims that users will see results by using it for two minutes daily in as little as two weeks. The device is created to improve facial and neck appearance by tightening up the chin area. Advertisements show people getting rid of double chins, loose neck skin and neck folds with the tool. The manufacturer claims that the exerciser is a pain-free way to get rid of those problem areas without plastic surgery.

How It Works

The Neckline Slimmer is a manual exerciser that operates on springs with a flat shelf that the user moves up and down with her chin. (The exerciser actually resembles a small food scale.) The user begins with a beginner spring and then moves up to a medium and finally, an advanced spring that provides more resistance. The idea is that the up and down motion of the exerciser tones the fat and loose skin on the chin and neck.

Does It Work?

Sagging skin beneath the chin is not necessarily indicative of being out of shape, but rather of aging and the skin losing elasticity. The idea that a device can reverse the signs of aging without surgical intervention is dubious at best.

Not Comparable to Surgery

If the Neckline Slimmer works on the neck muscles, users can, in theory, see improvements. However, the results may not be as dramatic as the infomercial and may require other lifestyle modifications such as weight loss. A person who has excessive loose neck skin or turkey neck probably cannot get results comparable to cosmetic surgery with the exerciser. It is also possible that the device could mess with jaw alignment for suffers of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ).

Mixed Reviews

The reviews from product users online are mixed, with some claiming the product produced some type of improvement in the appearance of their necks, yet many complain of jaw discomfort after use and no visible improvement in appearance.

Positive Reviews

The "Double Chin Review Guy" praises this product in his blog post. He provides before and after photos of a product user showing dramatic improvement. Does It Really Work recommends the Neckline Slimmer based solely on the positive reviews they encountered when researching the product. TV Stuff Reviews say this product is "the best solution" for sagging skin under the chin.

Negative Reviews

CBS Pittsburgh asked two viewers to try the Neckline Slimmer, following the directions carefully. Neither user experienced any tightening of their necks, though they both reported the skin on their neck feeling softer, courtesy of the cream that accompanies the device. The website Fit Tip Daily quotes reviewers who complain of sore necks and chins with usage. BeautiSecrets says some customers complain of "extreme neck pain" and jaw misalignment after using the Neckline Slimmer; the website also points out that claims made by the manufacturer of this product aren't backed up by medical professionals or research studies.

A Tighter Neckline

The Neckline Slimmer certainly seems to have a loyal following of users who claim positive results from the product. You can also try out neck exercise machines at the gym. Reducing body fat overall will also help reduce excess fat under the chin, but will not have an impact on age-related sagging.

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