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Pool Exercise

If you're looking for a "cool" way to get an aerobic workout on a hot summer day, pool exercise just might be the thing you're seeking. In fact, for many water aerobic routines, you don't need to know how to swim. Several exercises are performed in waist-level high water, or perhaps chest high. Following an instructor's cues on a pool exercise CD makes a pool workout easy, even if you're a novice. If you can't swim, be sure the exercise CD you purchase does not require you to be in the deep end.

Pool Exercise CD Resources

Most routines last about 45 minutes including the warm-up, cool-down, and stretching. You can purchase pool exercise CDs that teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced water aerobics. When you reach the advanced level, it will include things like dance and calisthenics, which are sometimes performed to music. When shopping for a CD to use for your pool routine, you'll find a variety of options. Be sure to research what the CD offers and that it meets your fitness level.

Beginner Pool Exercise CDs

If you're new to pool exercise, or you haven't exercised in a while, then these CDs offer a good beginning pool workout.

  • Aqua Combo Splash DVD with Bonus Audio CD - This DVD set comes with a bonus pool exercise CD that offers you the choice of following instructional cues along with music or just listening to the music. This workout features ground-breaking total body toning movements based on aerobics, yoga, dance, and Pilates. You may need to watch the DVD a few times, however, before venturing in the pool so that you can remember all the moves.

  • AquaJive CD - This 30-minute aerobic workout is perfect for the beginner exerciser who is looking for a quick deep water workout. The CD includes music and verbal cues, as well as a chart explaining the eight exercises used throughout the workout. Make sure your pool has a sufficient deep end in which you can use this CD - even four feet is too shallow. You may also want to use the AquaJogger belt for maximum results.

Intermediate Pool Exercise CDs

Intermediate exercisers may enjoy the following CDs.

  • Water Pilates DVD & Instructional CD - For those who love Pilates and want to strengthen their core and work on their flexibility, this 62-minute DVD teaches you the moves, which you can then perform in the pool with the 53-minute CD of audio cues and music. Because it's Pilates, be aware that this workout may not satisfy your needs if you want a cardiovascular workout.
  • The E.S.P. Noodle Workout is 50 minutes long and uses the Noodle as a piece of exercise equipment, so it may not be suitable for those with mobility issues. Verbal cues accompany motivational music and sound effects, or you can listen without the cues once you learn the moves that take you through interval cycles. The workout goes in cycles of three minutes of moderate cardio, one minute of strength, and 40 seconds of high intensity plyometrics.

Advanced Pool Exercise CDs

Advanced exercisers can choose from the following CDs.

  • Strength and Power Water Workout Aerobics DVD & CD - If you think you're too athletically advanced for pool exercise, this workout will make you think again. This CD leads you through one hour of high intensity plyometrics. Due to its intensity level, it's not suitable for beginner exercisers.
  • Aqua Attack Water Aerobics DVD & CD - This 56-minute kickboxing workout is available for around $20.00. It features energetic music designed to motivate and inspire while you kick and punch your way to fitness. For this one, too, you have the choice of following precise vocal cueing or listening to music only. Again, this workout may be too advanced for those who are new to exercising.

Don't Put Off Summer Exercise

It's easy to say it's too hot to exercise, but there's nothing more inviting that a refreshing pool. Take advantage of your pool to keep up with your exercise and fitness goals even in the summer.

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Pool Exercise CD