Yoga Toes Toe Stretchers: How They Can Help

Yoga Toes

The makers of Yoga Toes Toe Stretchers are on a mission to convince everyone that exercising your toes will alleviate pain and improve the overall condition of the foot. There's no doubt that most of us probably pay less attention to our feet than other parts of the body. However, anyone who has ever experienced reflexology or a massage with a pedicure will testify that it feels good to pamper your feet.

The Strategy of Yoga Toes Toe Stretchers

Our feet absorb a great deal of stress through general daily activity and full-body exercising. Try as we might to follow the recommendation of changing our jogging shoes every six months or 500 miles, or avoid wearing those irresistible Manolo Blahnik high heels, most of the time, we just don't think about our feet, much less exercise them.

There are many foot and toe aids on the market already, so it's not like the concept of better foot health is far-fetched. Toe straighteners, bunion braces, hammertoe straighteners, step stretchers, arch braces - these and many other products claim to isolate and correct a variety of foot problems.

What They Do


Yoga Pros, the creator of Yoga Toes Toe Stretchers, manufactured a non-porous device that makes exercising your toes as easy as sitting down and watching television. The concept is simple: slip Yoga Toes over the tops of your feet and according to their literature, automatically "stretch, strengthen and align foot muscles."

This device intends to break the muscle memory and help feet by increasing circulation, stretching tendons to alleviate tension and expanding bone mobility. Its design and stretching exercises follow many of the basic principles used in rehabilitating physical therapy.

Painful conditions such as sciatica, hammertoes, plantar fasciatis, bunions and fallen arches will be greatly reduced with regular use, the company claims. As circulation improves, the product may also help with varicose veins and Deep Vein Thrombosis as well.

What People Say

Yoga Pros has received positive testimonials from not only yogis, but also endurance athletes, dancers and workers who put a lot of stress on their feet each day. Yogis who use the product state that they can really feel they are using the "four corners" of the feet while extending into poses and suffer fewer foot cramps.

Where to Find Yoga Toes Toe Stretchers

The Yoga Pro site not only offers a discount per pair based on the number of sets you purchase, but also a 90-day money back guarantee if you don't like the product. Many other sites offer Yoga Toes, but often specify that they are nonrefundable. The company extends a lifetime guarantee on the product as well. On the Yoga Pro site you can also read testimonials from passionate users and get detailed instructions on how to use the product, although it's quite simple: wet, slip over toes, wear for 10 minutes or so. It's probably the simplest "exercise" you'll ever do.

Other places that carry Yoga Toes Toe Stretchers include:

The average price for a set of Yoga Toes is approximately $47, excluding shipping. There are two sizes: small and medium, which seem to cover both women and men up to a shoe size 14.

Additionally, many of these sites are great resources for yoga equipment, yoga books, DVDs and clothing.

Yoga Toes Toe Stretchers: How They Can Help